Exploring the World on the Back of a T-Rex!

Exploring the World on the Back of a T-Rex!

The title of this post pretty much says it all. According to Steam I’ve put in 53 hours into PixARK so far, and it really feels like I haven’t scratched the surface.

Progression was really slow at first. We were surviving (well, mostly) with spears and wood logs. We were running from just about every monster imagineable. Then we started taming some dinos. It started slow with Ptero, which basically allowed us to mow down bunny rabbits. Then it grew to bigger game.

Using our strategy of carrying a player in the Ptero’s claws, we advanced to taming Argentavis. Those bigger birds basically allowed us to protect ourselves against most predators who might wander into our area, but most important to hunt things like Gem Spiders and other monsters in that tier. From there, it was only a few days until we were in the big game.

We eventually figured out you could lure T-Rex into big holes in the ground, then pummel them with sleeping arrows until they passed out. Stuffing their tummies with meat, those T-Rex eventually become your best friend!

Now we’re riding on the backs of T-Rex and plowing through anything that stands in our way — except a few really, really scary baddies.

The spike in power was really significant. Once we had a herd of T-Rex, we were able to go from our late 30’s and early 40’s clear into our mid 60’s in a matter of 3-5 days.

Our server is now sitting at 18 days played. We’re beginning to outpace our engrams because we’ve had so much fun exploring and hunting. We need to spend some serious time farming resources in order to craft all of the neat building we can make now.

I’m at the point where I can seriously implement electricity and other more industrial-era machinery. It was only a few days ago we were still burning coal in a smelter and drying out our meat with volcanic rocks. Times fly!

I hope to spend some serious time in the next few days retrofitting our base with wiring and a cosmetic overhaul to make it look like more than a box made out of rocks. Plenty more updates on our adventures to come!

  • “Stuffing their tummies with meat, those T-Rex eventually become your best friend!”

    …also my approach for dealing with the feral cats around our property. 🙂

    It looks like a fun time waster.

    • I give a lot more credit than being a time waster! Though I call games like Farmville time-wasters, so perhaps our definitions aren’t in-sync.

      I’m at 53 hours in right now, and I have so many grand plans. I love that I can actually make grand plans in this game and then work towards execution.

      • We are using the definition of “time waster” differently.

        I mean it more as a term of apprehensive affection, something that is likely going to consume substantial chore-related time resources because it is so entertaining.

        You know, the kind of game where I go into my weekend planning to fix the irrigation system, clean the pool, go for a long kayak trip, and spend time with my gal playing Cat-opoly over dinner and drinks, but initially decide to play for an hour or two on Friday night, and end up rubbing my eyes at 4 am Monday wondering, “What just happened?”