Looks Like So Much Fun But So Much Work And Talent

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I was looking into this Star Wars Legion game thinking it would be really fun to play.

Rules sounded fun, figures look really cool, and I love Star Wars.

The idea of having miniatures and sending them into battles, figuring out fog of war, using accompanying cards, etc., all sounds great.

Then I saw that you have to actually put them all together and paint them.

Penny Arcade nailed it in their comic.

Star Wars Legion Starter Set
Penny Arcade Star Wars Legion


Having to make the figures myself kills the fun for me. I have zero artistic talent. I'm never going to make the figures look good. I'm never going to take the time or stress over trying.

There's no way I would be able to...

Make this...

Look like this...

Or ever be able to do anything like this.

I just want to have it all set up to look like this from the get-go. I wonder if anyone sells the figures all pre-painted along with the accompanying full diorama play areas. Not that anyone would ever be able to afford such a thing, having to pay for the plethora of add-ons, vehicles, and sets.

I think this is why some Youtubers and streamers succeed. People like me can live vicariously through them and watch as they have all the fun!

  • There are lots of folks who sell painted miniatures on ebay, either because they painted them to sell or because they no longer play. Sometimes you can even get them for less than the original retail cost of the minis (not usually if the seller painted them for sale though). I’d say about half of my WH40K Blood Angels were bought painted on ebay. The drawback is they don’t look cohesive because they were not all painted with the same scheme/shade, but they look much better than unpainted or just primed for sure.

    The rest are a combination of just barely assembled for painting through completely painted figures. I enjoy painting, but I am a perfectionist and I just don’t have the time to put into it anymore. I wish I did, because I love the way the finished models look. Especially on the table with some nice terrain.

      • For a new game like this I guess that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve always thought for games like these it would be cool to have the option to either buy preassembled models with a basic paint scheme or buy the models on the sprue and do it yourself for the true hobbyist types. I’m actually a little surprised a Star Wars product is trying to go this route.