PixARK Base Tour

PixARK Base Tour

I thought it would be cool to show you guys where we're at with our PixARK server. A couple of our Keen and Graev Community members haven't picked up the game yet, or are on the fence, so this will act as a a little bit of bait to lure them in.

The video is the gist of it all and speaks plenty for itself, but here's a quick rundown.


We moved our base to a more open area and fenced it off to try and keep out the bad dinos will keeping our tamed and good ones inside.

The base is currently "floating" in the area -- accomplished by making the floor out of ceiling blocks -- but will eventually resemble a base supported by pylons or stilts/columns. 

So far it's all utilitarian in design. I tend to do that in all of these types of games. I build a common room that ends up being the "put everything along the walls" room, and acts like my tinkering workshop. Eventually, the base will have separate wings for whoever wants to join us and allow for personalized habitats.

The base can be reached by elevators, as can our mine which is down below. We're just at the tip of the technological iceberg in PixARK. Very soon we will have access to generating electricity (probably by having our raptor run on a hamster wheel). 

We're also exploring more of our world by flying on pteranadons (pterodactyl-like creatures) and exploring the magical realms to find gargoyles and other tougher, more reliable fighting flyers.

Overall, the game is an absolute blast for us, and a huge time-sucker. It's easy to lose 3 hours of time and eventually look at a clock and realize you did nothing but explore and tame dinosaurs -- essentially accomplishing nothing on the big list of to-dos we made for ourselves before logging in.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.