EA’s Star Wars “Open-World” Game

As usual in the industry, speculation over a job posting has driven the rumor mill into full production. There’s a lot of chatter about the latest job listing from EA for work on a Star Wars “Open-World” Game.

I recall there being another listing for a similar game around 2013, though I’m not sure anything ever came of that.

The “open-world” component of the posting is most interesting. The fact that EA is making a Star Wars game isn’t news since they’re the only ones with the rights. What does “open-world” mean? I think that’s about as broad these days as saying something like “Multiplayer” or heck, even “star wars game”.

MMORPG? Doubtful. Completely.

Battle Royale or Survival or other type of game? Most likely.

I’ve said and will maintain that no blunder — Battlefront 2 or otherwise — will be enough to dissuade people from hyping a Star Wars BR or Survival game. It’s too hype-able for people to resist.

  • Probably another iteration of the Shadow of Mordor/Assassin’s Creed type game, which I personally and subjectively feel are absolute trash games.

    • I like Assassin’s Creed. The formula speaks to me. Shadow of Mordor not so much. I see this being either a RPG/Action game like AC, or a BR. The job description does mention matchmaking and other online features.

  • I would be incredibly surprised if it isn’t a Battle Royale game. We are still in the time-frame where it would be relevant and would probably bring in the big money. Really depends on how fast they bring it out, though.

    I’d give it a shot.

    • I would definitely play a star wars survival game (and maybe stay if the mechanics weren’t too ‘survival-y’) as that’s essentially what swg was

      Battle Royale should become a mode for battlefront 2 and would instantly turn that game around (especially with the recent levelling changes)