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The Oregon Trail Handheld Game

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I got this text from Graev the other day saying, "I need you to go to Target for me." That request was a little unusual. I'm typically his errand boy to Best Buy.

"I need you to pick me up Oregon Trail. It's waiting for you at customer service."


Completely baffled, I headed over to Target out of shear curiosity.

Sure enough, they're selling Oregon Trail.


Available exclusively at Target (or Amazon if you want to pay a markup) is this cool handheld version of the Oregon Trail game. Now you can die of dysentery in new and fun ways on the go!

Oregon Trail Handheld Game at Target

Relive the classic 1980's game that had all of us kids rushing to the computer labs to make sure we got one of the computers that could play Oregon Trail.

Learn about the realities of 19th-century pioneer life on The Oregon Trail - one of the most successful computer games of all time! Choose your profession and your traveling companions, then set out on the trek from Independence, Missouri to Oregon's Willamette Valley circa 1848. Fill your covered wagon with supplies and prepare to cross rivers and mountain ranges along the way - hunting for food and trading for supplies as you go. Monitor your traveling pace, supplies and the health of your party closely to make sure everyone arrives safely and to avoid the dreaded message "You have died of dysentery." Authentic 80's graphics, sounds and game play!

It's pretty cool, and true to the original. 

Our one critique is that the screen is a little small.

Definitely worth the price for this novelty and chance to live the past.

  • I never did play it. Does it stand the test of time, or is it a nostalgia thing that in a week will look cool on a shelf?