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What are You Playing this Weekend?

It’s the weekend again… crazy how fast that came. Unfortunately, Monday always seems to come that much faster which means it’s time to get in the gaming while there’s time!

I’m playing a couple of solid games this weekend.

Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch

DQB is such a phenomenal game. I’m loving the sandbox with a hint of being guided toward objectives. This is one of those games where my wife will randomly ask if we can play it tonight. Right now we’re still in the first chapter, but we’re spending a good amount of time gathering resources and making a neat city. We’re focusing on building rooms and function with moderate aesthetic appeal.

There are so many neat things to craft and ways to explore the world. So much of the game is still very new to us, so there’s a heavy amount and emphasis on exploration and ‘figuring things out’ which definitely adds to our enjoyment.

Monster Hunter World

I truly expected to play with for a bit and then fizzle out. Despite how infuriating it is to suck as I do, I find myself persevering. I owe a lot of that to Graev and him carrying me way more than he should.

My biggest weakness right now is that I’m too careful. I’m not that guy who carts. I’m the guy who methodically gets in some hits and guards well. The problem I run into is simply a lack of DPS.

I’ve taken some steps toward improving my DPS by going Gunlance charged long shell built. I’m doing a lot more damage than I was, but that’s still not good enough. Yet, despite sucking, I still played a few hours today and a few hours yesterday. I’ll probably play a few hours tomorrow. That’s saying something.


Last but certainly not least is ECO. Our server is now ready to destroy the meteor! We’re planning the exact date and time, but it needs to be within the next week or so since the meteor hits in 12 days.

Right now we’re able to make everything in the game, and most of it efficiently. We’re turning our attention to aesthetics and fun-builds rather than the mad race for functional survival. As we near the end of a 30 day survival cycle, I have a lot of thoughts on how I’d improve this already super fun game. Those thoughts will come in a post this next week.


What are you playing?

  • I picked up Eco, mainly because of your posts. It just sounded like the sort of game I’ve been hanging out for for a while.

    And, yeah it’s fun. I tend to avoid early access games nowadays, but Eco is very well done for an EA. Quite polished for something that’s only been out for a couple of weeks.

    There’s still a few issues. I was DC’d a couple of times yesterday, and there is a bit of lag opening crafting stations despite being on a low ping server, but otherwise everything is going smoothly.

    One question: After you’ve destroyed the meteor are you going to restart, or continue building the world you’ve started?

    • We will probably keep things going for a bit then take a vote on a restart. I think we will restart a bigger world next time and perhaps use some mods that enhance the game.

  • Still exploring what games are playable on my Surface 3 and had read that someone had done a playthru of Pillars of Eternity. So downloaded that and sure enough – totally playable. I am finding that my expectations are low so my patience is high with this machine. Think this may be the secret to the success of the Switch honestly.

    • That’s really cool! I lm borrowing Graevs original surface pro right now, and although it can’t play much, I can see the potential of a newer model. I still haven’t playe pillars yet.

      Might be onto something with tempered expectations combined with good game releases.

  • Sort of found myself addicted to Warframe (again). Ended up having to completely restart a new account because I forgot my old credentials for a few years back. Loving every moment of it, though. Found a nice clan that helps me bypass the “damage wall” everyone runs into. That’s about it, to be honest. Not much time to play other things when there is loot to be had, weapons to be leveled, and frames to be crafted!

  • Been obsessed with Warframe for about 3 weeks. First shooter I have been hooked on.

  • I am going to pretend this also pertains to 03/03-03/04, so from part of the FTL team, Into the Breach and Slay the Spire daily challenge mode.

    I like this as a weekly feature as it help keep me informed of potential games out there without the constraints of any particular genre.

    …also it is an easy insta-blog entry for you! 😉