Making Circuits & Factories in ECO Game

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Crazy times on the ECO server! We’re making significant progress ramping up the technology side of our city. We now have two factories, two blast furnaces, an oil refinery, two machine shops, an electronics table, and we’re ramping up to add a computer lab.

In the next 2-3 days we’ll be adding electricity to the entire city — a much needed luxury since we’re currently making circuits by candlelight.

I feel like I’ve been saying “electricity is coming” for a week now. That’s mostly due to the complexity and inter-dependencies of the profession system.

Each profession can specialize. So an Engineer can be a basic engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, Industrial engineer, etc. A Mason can work with cement, brick, etc. One of the key components in most end-game items is a circuit. A circuit requires iron ingots which comes from Smithing (Prof) -> Smelting (Spec). Then that iron is made into various things using Engineering (Prof) -> Mechanical (Spec). Just getting to that point of refining ingots and making them into things like servos took a week. Circuits also requires substrates (which requires fiberglass I think, which comes from masonry) and gold flakes, and copper wires.

I’m trying to paint a picture that shows how 3 professions and multiple specialties have to come together just to make one component of a multi-component item.

What we’re going to do in the next few days — around day 15 or the halfway point — is do a video tour of our city. That way we can showoff my warehouse and our homes. Should be lots of fun!

P.S. I sorta gave up on that whole “save the environment” motif. Now I’m all about the industry and blowing up that meteor before it crashes into our world! Who needs grass and trees anyway? Mine all the things!