ECO Server Log: Day 1

ECO Server Log: Day 1

The Keen and Graev Community ECO server is live! We’ve been up for almost exactly 24 hours now, and already we’re feeling the enormous pressure upon us to save the world.

I’m going to do these server logs every couple of days to give you guys an idea of what’s happening in our world, how the gameplay goes, and to server as a neat journal of events for us players.


Finding a Place to Call Home

The day began with us searching the planet for a place to settle. There are only three of us right now, but we plan to have more join us soon. Knowing we may grow to 10 or more, we wanted to find a relatively flat and open area upon which to build the beginnings of our city.

We chanced upon a grassy plains regions with a plentiful crop of tomatoes! With only minor need of terraforming to smooth out some of the shelf-like plateaus, we each staked our claim.

Gathering Resources for Our New Civilization

Given we came to this world with nothing but the clothes on our backs and a few tools, we needed to quickly begin the process of gathering resources, planting food, and learning the processes of advancing our knowledge in the tools and trades necessary to grow a planet.

While the other two planted crops and began to till the earth, I went scavenging and gathered dozens of tomatoes, berries, and other forms of  fauna.

Taking to the early stages of carpentry rather quickly, I built a chest, a workbench, and a stockpile and connected them so that they could all feed into each other and make my life more convenient.

Grabbing my axe, I began my trek to the forest. Unfortunately, my plot of land is quite a ways away from trees. That’s something to correct in the coming days — note to self, plant a tree farm.

With enough wood in hand, I began to learn how to log and process the wood into something usable. With these new skills I fashioned myself a boxy structure resembling a log cabin. Though not pretty, it’ll do quite nicely.

Diet & Nutrition

We learned quickly that although we could sustain our lives on tomatoes and blueberries, we lacked the fats and other nutrients we needed for a balanced diet. A balanced diet gives you greater skill gains. Skills accumulate over real time, so in a 24 hour period you’ll generate a total number of points based on how balanced you’ve kept your diet.

The Meteor is Coming

As the first day on our server came to the end, I surveyed all we had accomplished in only a matter of hours. The beginnings of a thriving civilization lay before us. The challenge of bringing together a cohesive people to work together well enough to advance fast enough to save the planet from the meteor is tough enough. Thinking about how we can possibly accomplish that while not ruining the planet in the process... that’ll be a challenge unto itself.

I looked up in the sky before logging off and saw the giant rock headed our way. Can we make it in time?

  • Finished up Subnautica which I loved. Looking at Steam, I would of passed over this game in general. Going to give it a shot based on this article.

    • Welcome to the fun! We need all the help we can get to develop the world if we stand a chance of destroying that meteor.