What Did You Play This Weekend?

What Did You Play This Weekend?

Before we get to what we played this weekend, let’s remember there are some cool games coming out this week: ECO and Dragon Quest Builders (Switch). I’m glad to have more distractions.

My time this weekend, specifically Friday through Sunday, was spent playing:

  1. Monster Hunter World – By far the most time. Dropped like 5 hours on Saturday without breaking a sweat.
  2. Assassin’s Creed Revelations – My wife and I are playing through the games in order and we’re making great progress! Next up we’ll have to figure out how to play AC3 since it doesn’t have a PS4 remaster, and I hate playing on the PS3 if I can avoid it.
  3. Subnautica – I’m making my way to the end! I really wish I could attach torpedos to my Cyclops and blow those Leviathan all to kingdom come. Unfortunately, there’s this weird “no weapons” mantra from the devs.
  4. Skyrim on Switch – Loving it. Chipping away at the game a few quests at a time.

I know some of my friends have been playing oldies like Baldur’s Gate 2 and FF11 (Nasomi). Others dabbled once again in WoW after the allied races happened.

What about you?

  • EverQuest on the Agnarr server. Chipping away at the VT key which is nearly as awful as the VP key.

  • I’ve gotten back into WoW for the last month or so – something I said would never happen, but totally having a blast especially after the scaling/difficulty changes.

      • They made some changes in a recent patch where they increased mob health and thus difficulty, and added world scaling – so that old world zones are mostly 20-60, Northrend 60-70, etc. All quests, monsters etc will scale to your level within those ranges.

  • I spent most of Saturday in EQ2, setting up Personal Depots in my Mara Estate and then placing housing portals in some of my many houses. Still quite a lot to do but it’s going to make a huge difference to my gameplay. Can’t imagine why I didn’t do it sooner.

    Sunday I spent about six hours in GW2’s hWorld vs World, something I had absolutely no intention of doing. I answered one call to defend a keep and that was that – rest of the day gone.

  • Been leveling up my Allied Races in WoW. I’m a huge sucker for new races in MMOs and love leveling characters in general.

    This week the Shadow of the Colossus remake comes out, so I’ll be playing that. It’s one of my favourite games of all time and apparently the remake is excellent, so I can’t pass it up.

    • I think Graev is looking at the Shadow of Colossus remake. I know he like the original.

      How’s the WoW scene with leveling the allied races? Is it still an artifact power grind once you reach Legion content?

  • Still pretty much play Rainbow Six: Siege to get diamond rank. It’s a lot harder because I keep getting stuck with teams that refuse to stay focused. One person goes down? Everyone leaves the objective to go hunt. It’s like they forget they are defending, not playing Call of Duty. /endrant

    I’ve also played a couple of Windows PC games with my trial of the Xbox Game Pass. Finished up Gears of War 4 which was a phenomenal game. The multiplayer is still up-and-going with plenty of people playing. That was a nice surprise.

    I’ve just recently started up Halo Wars 2 and Recore. Recore was a game I held off a long time for since most reviews I played said that while fun, didn’t have a good end-game experience. Now that it is free, though, I’ll be more than happy to see what its all about.

    I still log into Black Desert Online here and there, but my personal experience with a rival guild that attacked me both in game and on social media websites outside of the game sort of soured my overall enjoyment of it. It is still a fantastic game with its own caveats, but sometimes things happen that just make it impossible to go back.

  • Slay the Spire and Idle Heroes of the Forgotten Realms. Easy, low focus games =) Thinking of picking up MHW with all the rave reviews but not looking forward to competing for PS4 time with my 12 year old (and his Fortnite BR team)

  • come back to ff11 Nasomi! you will love it. its soo great now, population is 600-700+ all the time, they added tons of new content recently.. installer is a one click process now.

  • I’ve been playing a ton of divinity original sin 2 lately. Got a 4 man group of my mmo buddies and we’re playing every wednesday and thursday night.

    If your pals are playing baldurs gate 2 and they havemt tr8ed divinity yet, they should. Its a great co-op experience.