Mario Kart is Nintendo’s Next Mobile Move

I think mobile gaming continues to have a strong future as a defined space which is why I’m always interested in seeing who is going to make the next coolest advancement in the mobile gaming space.

If anyone has the ability to come out of left field, it’s Nintendo.

This next idea isn’t really weird, but perhaps it’s a neat and logical step for the company’s mobile offering. Mark Kart is coming to smartphones. What a perfect idea.

Details of the game are still completely unknown.

Will it use swipe? Tilt? Simulated joystick? I know my personal preference would be tilt controls — maybe joystick.

There’s always the idea of forward motion and whether it’ll be a permanent forward motion system or a be controlled by holding a virtual onscreen button.

What I hope to see is a great multiplayer setup with 8-12 people racing together in something that closely mirrors the Mario Kart model.

Nintendo needs to get this one right. Miitomo was crap, Animal Crossing fizzled out due to the scope being too narrow. Fire Emblem wasn’t my cup of tea, but had modest success. Still not a breakout hit.

Though I don’t fear for them as a company or anything, I do fear for people’s willingness to continue to entertain them continually dipping their toe in the mobile waters. I want to see them jump in head first with all the enthusiam, resources, and support they would throw at a 3DS or Switch title.

Personally, a rock solid Mario Kart title would restore a lot of my hopes and dreams for what they’ll pull off if and when that rumored Zelda title for smartphones ever happens.

  • Nintendo has has a knack for implementing ‘safe’ mobile mechanics into their games, so a large part of me is scared this won’t resemble Mario Kart as much as I’d like. If we get a Asphalt version of Mario Kart, I’ll be happy. If we end up with a Mario Run(ner), Fire Emblems Gacha Machine, or Animal Crossing: MXT (Microtransactions) Sim I’ll be sad.