OrbusVR Shows How Far VR MMOs Still Have to Go

The Oculus blog released a preview interview of OrbusVR which, as far as I know, is one of if not the first real attempt at making a VR MMORPG.

It looks... rough. I think the style is nice, though simplistic, but the world they've shown is very "landscapey" and empty. 

Combat looks a bit clunky -- as does most of the gameplay -- and everything feels very low-budget-indie. It suffers from looking like art assets were sloppily placed in a world built as more of a tech demo.


While all of those things definitely turn me off of the game and clearly show the MMO genre is far from a real VR treatment, there is something magical at work here.

Players are already taking the initiative in building a community-centric environment. Players are congregating in starting areas helping others, people are talking and socializing, and hanging out while sharing a new experience. 

The players are forming the building blocks and foundation in a way that feels remarkably similar to what I participated in back in the days of Active Worlds, The Realm, and EverQuest. 

That's a powerful start, and not something to easily discount. If a MMORPG can manage to create depth of gameplay and the scope of a real MMO world while still maintaining that community, then they'll have recaptured what MMORPGs lost many years ago.

Other positives include the motion of casting spells. I find that immersive. I also like their presentation of inventory management. Just a few minor tweaks and that interface could all be quite nice.

If I can play sitting down then these guys can count me in as a player once the game is in a more finished state. 

P.S. - Square Enix may not like the use of their intellectual property. Might want to rethink that cactus.

  • bartillo says:

    This mmo looks amazing! Player housing, fishing, crafting, spell signing!

    Hope this will come to playstation VR

  • Sky says:

    Not that constructive criticism isn’t a good thing, but just seeing this makes me excited. I’ve always dreamed of this sort of thing getting off the ground and I hope that support is given enough to make it a reality; rather than scaring developers off too much.

    I think it will be a long time until we see what we have as MMO’s today be realized (in terms of scope, not necessarily gameplay) in the VR format, but I will anxiously wait for that day!

  • RavenFish says:

    I like it, though it takes a bit to kill things is a drag for me. You can sit down with the controls but the arm movements are the thing to look out for. Put a chair in the center of the room and you will be fine.

    I will continue with it but in spurts.

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