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PSA: ECO Enters Early Access in One Week

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A bunch of us in the Keen and Graev Community Discord are really excited about ECO. We’ll be launching a server when it releases into Early Access on Steam.

Just a heads up, that’s in one week!

ECO is a game about community, survival — against both the elements and an incoming meteor — and social responsibility, or something.

What’s our hope and desire? Build a thriving civilization from nothing into something amazing.

ECO isn’t one of those “be all do all solo” games. You really can only specialize one way, and the skill points drive you towards picking one real profession. We’re starting to divvy up responsibilities and public roles for our server. Will you be a carpenter? A mason? A farmer? How will you contribute to society for good? Or …. bad?

We’re all hoping the game, despite its early access state, will be smooth and polished enough to provide the fundamentals of that core community experience. Definitely a good to keep you guys informed about if you won’t be joining us.

It’ll be $30 on Steam. Join us in Discord if interested!