Subnautica Continues to be an Amazing Journey

Subnautica Continues to be an Amazing Journey

I’m not sure what happened, but I went from being overwhelmed and exhausted after playing to being eager to log in and regretting logging off. Subnautica has been one of the best gaming experiences for me in a while.

The game starts off massively overwhelming. You have nothing, and suddenly you’re thrown into an ocean. You make goals like building a submarine and a massive base, then you realize what it takes to make those things. Shortly after that feeling of dread settles in, you actually DO make progress. Suddenly you have a thriving base with a sustainable food source, thermal power from volcanic activity, and a submarine mobile base.

When you make progress like I’ve been making, the challenge comes from pushing yourself further and further. How far can I go? How deep can I take this thing?

The Leviathans still scare me to death. My heart still skips a beat when I get attacked. There’s still plenty to see, and boy oh boy is there plenty to explore, but I’ve entered the glorious journey part and left behind the laundry list of to-dos. A sense of accomplishment has set in, and I’m really proud of what I’m making.

Here’s where I’m at:

  • Fully sustainable food and water sources from interior grow beds
  • 100% sustainable power source from thermal vents transmitting power 300 meters via a transfer network
  • Seamoth fully decked out
  • Prawn Suit (still can’t find the last grappling hook arm)
  • Cyclops decked out with storage and a couple upgrades

The goals:

  • Finding Kyanite for more upgrades
  • Finding a way to fight a Leviathan
  • Going deeper than 800 meters
  • Figuring out the story more (I’ve fallen behind on it)
  • Dropping beacons in every area so that I can map the place out more

If you haven’t tried Subnautica, you’re missing out big time. Although this was one of the neatest games I played in 2016, it’ll be on my list of the best games in 2018 too.

  • Forgot to add that my upcoming goal will also be to build a new base in a really high-end area with a scanner and bioreactor. My current base is near the safe shallows which means I don’t get to scan for much end-game stuff.

  • Just bought off of this article alone. Sounds similar to “The Forest” which I liked in small doses.

      • I’m enjoying it immensely! Leviathan didn’t too much because I saw him coming for me and couldn’t get out of the way. It was a little biter fish that freaked me out attacking my Seamoth. He was attacking the ship and I couldn’t identify what the sound was coming from until that little bugger with his huge teeth were right in front of me.