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Nintendo Possibly Releasing A Link Between Worlds for Switch? Maybe?

There are rumors circulating that Nintendo may be planning a new release of A Link Between Worlds. This all stemmed from several articles I’ve seen where Nintendo reached out to review newsy type outlets for permission to use their review quotes. This typically happens when a company is about to use those quotes for commercial purposes.

The big question now is whether or not it’s going to be a Nintendo Selects release or a Nintendo Switch port or remake. I’m hoping for the Switch!

I’m skeptical for a couple of reasons.

1. 3D played a big part in how A Link Between Worlds worked, and the Switch doesn’t have such capabilities. But this isn’t entirely a deal breaker since you could totally turn off 3D on your 3DS.

2. It’s already available as a Nintendo Selects title in other regions. Chances are it’ll be added in North America in order to add to the sales figures.

3. 3DS is still very much a supported system. There are many other ports Nintendo could make from the Zelda franchise to the Switch before taking a game off the 3DS. That said, I do believe the 3Ds is going to be slowly phased out in favor of the Switch and mobile potentials.

The Switch is now the fastest selling console in the U.S., so it would make sense to see Nintendo wanting to capitalize on 2018 to maintain momentum. Moving titles like this to the Switch would be a good start, especially in embracing its mobility — a feature I definitely haven’t utilized myself, as I’m a dock player.