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How are You Ending 2017?

On the West Coast of the U.S. we have approximately 8 hours until 2018. That's PLENTY of time to get in some games! What are you playing? If you're not playing any games -- shame on you -- you can share what you played this weekend.

Tonight I'm getting in an hour or two of Path of Exile's Abyss League. On an absolute complete whim I was looking for a game to play for an hour and I decided to just boot it up and give it a go. Really glad I did! I'm enjoying my Duelist Slayer Cyclone guy. I think I might actually go 'all the way' with this time and see the "end-game" of PoE.


Later in the evening we're playing board games with family. We're going to play Cover Your A$$ets, Pirate's Cove, and a few other games we got for Christmas. Reviews will be forthcoming on these games.

For the rest of the weekend, on Friday and Saturday we played a TON of the Ezio Collection and Skyrim on Switch. My wife hasn't played any of the of the Ezio AC games, but she has been to Italy, so it's cool to have her go "Wow the Duomo!" and me be like "oh you mean the Eagle Point over there?" She had similar reactions in AC Unity.

I'll have more on Skyrim coming soon, but for now I'll say we're still figuring out exactly how we're going to play our character (my wife and I are playing together). One thing's for certain: We will be trying to never use a bow.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you have a safe and peaceful celebration, and a wonderful coming year.

P.S. We will be snacking on our yearly tradition of 7-layer bean dip, jalapeno poppers, and tacos. In that order.

  • No games today, just cooked and made cocktails while entertaining friends, highlighted spicy vegetarian soy curl tacos and freshly juiced ripe pineapple, Benedictine, Nolet’s Silver, aqua faba, and Suius Cherry extract in Nick and Noras.

    Maybe tomorrow I’ll try Tyranny, which I just bought on Steam sale.

    Happy New Year.

    Thanks again for keeping us in the know for yet another year, I my case since I started following you over your Age of Conan videos.

    • Sounds delicious! We had tacos as well. Tyranny has always been one of those games out there tempting me, but I always feel like the last thing I need is another really in-depth RPG to further delay my backlog. Let me know how it is!

  • I got my three kids to bed a 8pm (unheard of for all three to go at the same time) so I took the blessing and passed out myself! lol

    If that hadn’t happened, I would’ve probably ended the year with some Rainbow Six: Siege or grinding in Black Desert Online :).

    • For the first time in many years I managed to make it until midnight. It was done laying in bed playing Pokemon, though. 😛