A Few of the Non-Gaming Gifts I Received this Year

The majority of my Christmas presents are usually related to video games, but every year I receive a few neat geeky gifts from my wife or my parents that always bring a smile to my face.

This year I received a few extremely noteworthy gifts that I love. I might make this into a two-part post since I want to take a few more photos. Here are a few:


Snaptite & Play AT-ACT Cargo Walker Model Kit

This really neat model kit has 45 pieces that you 'snap' or fit together to build an AT-ACT Cargo Walker. I'm usually very anti-building-things. Graev is all about those complicated metal model kits, but I prefer the playschool versions.

This model kit was very easy. Took me less than 10 minutes, and I had no problem following the simple instructions.

Once pieces together, the AT-ACT can pose incredibly well. His feet pivot, and he has a 'knee' and 'hip' join that will pivot as well. This freedom of motion results in all sorts of fun poses. I even have one of him doing a handstand. It even lights up and makes sounds! It's an awesome desk decoration.

The Essential Pokemon Book of Joy

The Essential Pokemon Book of Joy surprised me with its good quality in terms of build. Usually these types of novelty books are cheap and flimsy, but this is great.

Inside are lots of quotes broken up into categories like "Courage" and "Battles" and "Friendship." The quotes are straight out of episodes, and include which character said them.

As a pokemon fan, I enjoyed remembering the episodes and context of the quotes. Just a good, fun little read that'll make you smile.

Assassin's Creed Edward's Cutlass Latex Replica

My wife knows me well! She got me this replica sword of one of my favorite Assassins. This sword is huge! It's about 41" long and true to size. It feels enormous when holding it.

The Assassin's Creed Cutlass is made of latex, but is so incredibly sturdy (yet soft). This would be a PERFECT cosplay accessory. I actually collect swords, some real and some replicas, so this is also perfect for a casual collector like myself to display in my future home office one day.

You can get these over at ThinkGeek or Amazon.

  • Seeing that AT-AT in the second pose is too cute and funny, lol. I don’t know why.

    • I’ve been posing him in all sorts of funny ways. My two favorites are a hand stand and rearing like a horse on his hind legs with his other two legs bent in the air. 😀