Star Wars Battlefront 2 Patches Credit Gains + Big Patch Tomorrow

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Patches Credit Gains + Big Patch Tomorrow

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EA announced a fairly big update this afternoon for Battlefront 2 that aims to address some of the problems impacting players like myself who actually enjoy playing. 

Chief among the updates an increase to the amount of credits gained at the end of a round based (overall and performance based), and an increase in the amount of crafting materials from the daily loot crate.

I tested these changes out tonight, which according to the BF2 blog update are supposedly live now, but saw no sign of them being in-game yet. Perhaps they will come tomorrow with the start of the new "season" of content.

 Speaking of the new season content, check out the schedule below.

Battlefront 2 season schedule

Tomorrow we get to pick a side to fight for and earn specific rewards. I'm hoping I don't choke and pick the losing side like always.

On the 13th is when things start to get interesting with new chapters for the singleplayer (which had a fun story), maps, and other in-game content. Stoked for that to come.

Overall I just hope they fix the credits at the end of the round. Sorta bumming to get a killer round in a ship on Galactic Assault with 20k+ points only to get a tiny bit more than I normally get for sniping the whole map and getting 6k points.

  • I watched a stream of someone playing on the test server yesterday that supposedly had the patch applied – this guy was #1 both games I watched and he won at most 400 credits. So 10 games as the best on team to open 1 Trooper crate…lol no this advancement system is still a joke. If there were a season pass fee I’d be torqued. As it stands, just less inclined to play at the moment since there is just so little feeling of progress after each round.

    • I’ve been getting 400 credits for being in the middle of my team. I have a feeling there’s still no implementation of this system.