People Make the Games More Fun

Looking back on those screenshots I shared the other day, I kept having these feelings of “that was fun” for both WAR and Darkfall. Then I thought back to more games like Aion, Allods Online, some older stays in WoW, etc., and those feelings return. But let’s face it, that wasn’t fun. Those games really sucked. The fun wasn’t the games — it was the people.

Playing with friends and community makes a huge difference. It fills in the gaps that would have otherwise been left feeling vacant and filled with awfulness. Friends makes the funny moments funnier, the epic moments more intense, the celebrations more joyous, and the memories more fond.

When I think back to Darkfall, I don’t remember all the times the hackers and macro-bots slaughtered us and took our stuff. I remember riding around with my friends.

When I think about WAR I don’t remember frustrating zergs and hours spent trying to find a good fight. I remember roaming the fields with friends.

When I think about Wrath of the Lich King raids I don’t think about hour spent dying to bosses that should have been killed easier. I remember beating the boss of that expansion with my friends.

In Everquest, I know it was boring to sit around waiting for spawns. What made it fun was playing with people — even when they weren’t my friends — and having conversations.

Those are now fond memories when they should have been horrible, and that’s because of good people.

That’s something to remember when playing games. Even the best games require good people, whether they be friends, in-game players, a larger community, or even family. Find that, and you’ll have the memories worth sharing.

During this time of year where we give thanks, I think it’s fitting to be thankful for all of these memories and the friends who share them with me.

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