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Nintendo Switch Extended Battery Pack

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Hey fellow Switch owners, after hours of playing the Mario Odyseey or the newly released DOOM, are you finding yourself wishing your Switch had a better battery life on the go?

Graev showed me this awesome extended battery pack/case by Antank for the Nintendo Switch he bought that allows you to not only extend your battery life significantly (doubles the battery life), but also provide additional functionality that the switch desperately needs.

Double the Battery Life

The Antank battery case provides 6500mAh of power which, in practice, doubles the battery life you can expect to get out of your Switch.

Switch Side Charging Port

Side Charging Port Instead of Bottom

One of the biggest complaints Switch owners have is that the charging port is natively on the bottom of the Switch. This means you can't use the kickstand and play mobile while charging at the same time. The Antank battery case relocates that port to the side of the console.

Switch two kickstands

Dual Kickstands Instead of One

By default the Switch only has one kickstand which can leave the console feeling somewhat flimsy and unsteady when just standing up on a table, seat-back tray on a flight, or precariously perched on a book in the car. This case has two kickstands, and they have 3 different levels/degrees they lock into.

Extra Game Storage, LED Light Indicators, & USB-C Charging

Additional features include being able to store two games within the case itself (nice for travel if you don't have a good case -- which you should), an LED charge indicator, and the USB-C charging capability. The charging also provides over-current and over-voltage protection.

Fairly standard stuff, but I definitely like the LED charge indicator which acts as a much easier way of figuring out how long you have left to play before you need to charge.

Antank Battery Pack

For those wondering, I looked into the following:

  • Yes you can charge while you play
  • Yes you can take this on a plane
  • It doesn't make the Switch much any warmer from our experience
  • Plugging it in charges the console and the pack (we double checked)
  • You can't put the Switch into the dock with the case on

Hopefully this helps our fellow Switch owners out there!


We highly recommend the Antank Extended Battery Pack/Case for the Nintendo Switch. At the time of this post, the case is 53% off on Amazon.


  • check
    Significantly extends the battery life of the Switch.
  • check
    Two kickstands with multiple degrees of kickstandyness.
  • check
    The charging port gets relocated to the side of the console.


  • minus-circle
    Can't put the Switch into the dock while the case is on. Obviously a minor annoyance only because the point of the case is for on-the-go play.