Destiny 2 Doesn’t Need a Story

I just finished Destiny 2. Getting right to the point, I simply didn’t like the story at all. I didn’t like the story in the first game, either. It was too generic. Spoilers: There’s a bad guy with little story behind why he hates the good guys, yada yada, good guys win, etc., etc.

So here I am, finished with the story and starting the “real game” part of Destiny 2. That means I’m gear grinding and building up my character. I’m not knocking this at all, so don’t misunderstand me. This is essentially the Diablo formula now. That’s the part people race to — the grind to get more gear to get more gear. It’ll be fun until it’s not, and I wouldn’t expect more.

But going back to the story, if I removed the story… I’d still be where I’m at with the game. In fact, I think I’d be even happier. I wouldn’t have had to trudge through a boring narrative mowing down lots of mobs dropping gear that didn’t matter at all because the minute I hit 20 I was outfitted with better gear.

I wish games like this would cut out the portion of the game that doesn’t impact 99% of the what you’ll be doing anyway. It’s not needed. A game like this where you run around a quasi-open world doing some quests to upgrade gear, jump into dungeons/raids or PvP matches… it essentially becomes WoW at max level. Practically no mechanical difference.

My plans now are to get to where I can do some “end-game” activities and see where that lands me with my overall opinion of the game.  As for the story, knowing what I know now, I would have happily pressed a “skip the story” if such an option were available.

Oh, except for Nathan Fillion. His character was awesome.

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