Yeah, This Sums Up Vanilla WoW

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This was linked on our Keen and Graev Community Discord server. I think that about sums it up.

I might have included more drama with raiding. Something about DKP, being on time for raids, and then guilds falling apart. Pretty spot on.

  • That. surely, is a Raider’s version of Vanilla. How many people actually raided at all, let alone end-game raided? I seem to remember that back in the mid-00s the figure generally banded about for raiding in MMOs was around 10% of the general population of a game, with end-game raiding being more like 1%.

    Unless Vanilla WoW was radically different to most other MMOs of its era I suspect most players’ memories of those times will involve leveling up in the open world and doing some dungeons before losing interest and moving on, either to another character, another MMO or another hobby.

    Of course it will probably the invested long-termers who make up the bulk of Classic WoW’s potential market. Most people don’t return to a hobby once they’ve dropped it.

    • I broke down the topics. Definitely not all raiding.

      Not Raiding
      PvP at Tauren Mill
      High Warlord
      Getting an epic mount
      Loot dropping for a class you don’t play
      Needing a healer
      Not wanting more huntrs
      Needing a key
      Warlocks only being wanted for portals and food
      Auction house only being in one city

      Not having enough people online
      Wanting to raid as a spec that sucks
      Resist Gear

      • I think High Warlord was worse than raiding (from a time investment point). I only made it to rank 11 and I could’ve made 12 if I hadn’t moved and been offline for 2-3 weeks at one point… Also, competing against *your team* was the worst part. In raids you at least didn’t hope all the others underperformed and played less than you did…

      • I think I made it to rank 10 or 11. I remember thinking “this takes forever and I can only PvP beyond this point. If I PvE, I won’t progress. So I stopped PvP altogether.

  • I barely got to 60 before BC came out. I only ever raided one time in vanilla. This video obviously highlights a lot of the low points of vanilla WoW. Luckily, as a non-raider, I did not experience most of them. Unless the new classic server is far different than I imagine, I doubt I’ll be participating in much raiding on it either.

    I really hope they do progression servers and then give folks the option of transferring to the next expansion-locked server when they want. Might be a neat way to re-experience each expansion as it existed when it released. Plus, people have nostalgia for different eras in WoW and the nostalgia thing hits people at different times. I think, if they do it right, this overall will be a very good thing for WoW as an alternative to whatever is live, once that gets old again.

      • Point taken. Maybe I should have said end-game. However, some of those you say are not raid related at least crossover to raid related, like no more hunters…for what…for my raid, needing a healer…for what…for my raid, locks not being wanted…for what…for my raid, etc.

  • A) I don’t think I would enjoy Vanilla Wow now
    B) I’ve never had as much fun since then in an MMO however.