Battle for Azeroth: Isn’t It a Little Overdone?

WoW's next expansion was announced at Blizzcon during the opening ceremony, and I have to admit that for the first time in many, many years I'm not even a little tempted.

It's once again this big "Horde vs. Alliance" debacle. Honestly, I feel like it's become a little (or a lot) overdone, to the point of being contrived.

Every other expansion the two factions once again hate each other, and in the other expansions they have to put aside their differences to come together and save the world.

During every cycle we see that both Horde and Alliance are very similar. Neither is truly good or evil, yet both have characters who display properties of both. There are redeeming qualities on both sides which is why they eventually come together.

To once again be pitted against each other feels like we're once again ignoring the fact that these factions have done this time and time again. While not necessarily an unfamiliar story trope, I feel like we need more to justify it. I haven't seen it.

And let's not ignore the role of the player -- or, the complete lack thereof. I never feel as those any player's actions matter in any of the lore.

I'll be skipping this expansion while I eagerly await this battle and lore to hopefully fuel a need for Warcraft 4 to continue the story! Given the fact that the WoW Classic Server announcement has overshadowed the new expansion, perhaps I'm not alone.

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