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Super Mario Odyssey is Cap-tivating!

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Super Mario Odyssey is officially the best game on the Switch, and reason enough to go out and buy the console. Seriously.

I'm only a few worlds in, and I already feel like a kid again playing Super Mario 64. Odyssey brings back all of those amazing feelings of playing a platformer in this 3D open-world-esque environment.

There will be more of a review to come later, but since the game is 'that' good, I have to get these initial thoughts out just in case it helps push some of you on the fence over onto the side of fun.

I was originally worried that the cap mechanic would be stupid and weird, but it works. Mario throwing his cap (named Cappy) to break blocks, interact with the environment, act as a jump boost, or possess objects/enemies/creatures has added immense depth to the platforming elements present in this 3D platformer style.

Super Mario Odyssey T-Rex

Actually taking over and possessing things has become really fun. You start off taking over a frog to jump higher, and then a T-Rex to break things, and before you know it you're a cactus and a ball of electricity and a pair of binoculars. My favorite so far -- even more than the T-Rex -- was possessing a Bullet Bill and flying around.

The world design has been phenomenal thus far. In just a few worlds, Nintendo has redeemed themselves from some of their recent so-so Mario projects, and especially from Galaxy, which I really did not enjoy.

These worlds are bigger, more involved and full of puzzles, and provide plenty of secret finding angles to explore.

Super Mario Odyssey 8-bit

One feature of the worlds that just made me smile was the 8-bit stuff woven into the 3D world. You'll come across these flat murals that are actually interactive 8-bit scenes you have to enter and then seamlessly jump out of -- and enemies can jump out of them too!

That's all I got for now! Get Super Mario Odyssey. It's simply cap-tivating.