What Class Should I Play in Destiny 2?

What Class Should I Play in Destiny 2?

The best laid plans…

I was mid character creation this evening, ready to play Destiny 2, when our power dropped out for 3 hours. The only time I had to play today zapped away to yet another power outage.

I guess this gives me time to ask you guys a question: What class should I play?

When it comes to Destiny classes, I’m clueless. I did play the original Destiny in as much as playing the main story is considered “playing.” If you ask Graev, that means I didn’t play at all. Perhaps.

Graev seems to remember in the first Destiny that the classes really didn’t mean a whole lot beyond the way they looked and an ability or two. I seem to remember the same thing. We both used whatever weapon we wanted, and kept a couple options in our bags. In terms of abilities, I don’t really remember them at all.

Does class choice radically or even somewhat impact play style?

I want to be able to “solo” the story if Graev doesn’t end up playing, and if I get into end-game “raiding” it would probably be a shock to me if I stayed long.

I’m looking for a class that can simply be fun to play, with a gun play style that’ll be fun too.

I’m leaning toward the Sentinal which I think is the tanky-type class, but I don’t want that to inhibit my ability to kill things quickly.

Suffice it to say, I’m clueless and want you guys to pitch me why I should play the class you like the most. Go!

  • Hey Keen,

    From what i have found after playing to lvl 5 og all 3 classes, they are all 3 very similar and sounds like it resembles the original game… they all have a grenade, special jump and defensive ability, that Works a little different but result is the same f. Ex tank class makes a Wall, hunter makes an evasive move and warlock makes a healing circle… all 3 Can solo, ny choice fel on which one looked Cooler 😄

  • I went with Titan I have never played Destiny and only picked this up because it apparently has a good storyline so far not disappointed.

    From what I read Rigsti has it spot on play what you want or play all three.

  • Like others said, they are all extremely similar in their ability to solo content. I would say simply make your choice based on which of the supers sound cool to you: https://www.vg247.com/2017/09/26/destiny-2-super-tips/

    Super being your ultimate ability which you can use every five minutes or so which will typically clear a miniboss or take a big chunk of a main boss’s health all on its own.

  • I played… a decent amount of all classes in Destiny (https://www.wastedondestiny.com/search/divinoag), so I think I feel qualified to say that there not a really big difference between the classes to make you feel like you can cripple your gameplay by picking the “wrong” class, but there are definitely enough differences to make the gameplay more or less pleasant depending on your personal style.

    Thankfully leveling a character is pretty quick, so my advice is: just pick whatever class looks like something you’d like, and play until you unlock a couple of sub-classes, and if you don’t like it create a second character and try that one. I think that Destiny is kinda made with the idea of people creating one of each class anyway (you get 3 char slots), so even if you like the class trying another is still a good idea.

    As you can see on my link I definitely prefer the Warlock, which is a more “support” style class, with Rifts that can buff other players, while the Titan tends to be the closest to a “tank” you’d get, and the Hunter is a pure DPS class. These labels are mostly just for reference, because in Destiny everyone is pretty much always DPS.

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