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Blizzard Battle Royale Game

I want Blizzard to make a battle royale game. Why? Because it would be cool to see their take on the emerging genre. Blizzard typically sits back and watches a genre develop, then waltzes in and scores a huge success.

They could go with something a little more realistic in the graphics department, or approach it from the same stylized angle they do everything in and I don’t think it would really matter. Overwatch might really have the best design style, but I’d like something ever-so-slightly less cartoony.

None of their existing IPs would make much sense, so I wouldn’t want a Starcraft or Warcraft BR, or even an Overwatch. I’d want something completely vanilla and unique.

Blizzard might even be able to pull off a F2P business model where no one else would really succeed akin to Hearthstone.

Thinking about it gets my imagination and wishing glands going. How about you? Do you wish Blizzard which branch out a little more into genres like Battle Royale?