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Skyrim Survival Mode

I think the idea of a Skyrim survival mode is awesome.  What a cool way to keep updating a game that is getting up there in age.

Survival mode transforms the world into a "land of unrelenting cold and harsh wilderness." They're adding hunger, fatigue, cold, warmth, freezing water, reduced carry weight, sleeping to level up, and lots more.

I think some of the neatest additions are having to eat to survive. This means more random hunting will happen, and cooking food (or having to stop to do so) will make the world feel more immersive and sandbox.

Skyrim Survival Map

The world is also being updated to include climate regions, and other items for survival.

What I'm a little disappointed about is that instead of being a core update, this will be a "mod" to the game. I get how classifying it as a "mod" makes sense, but that also means restrictions.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will get to experience Survival Mode and other Creations early next month. Both PC and console players will get Survival Mode free for one week once it launches on their preferred platform.

I'm planning to pick up Skyrim on the Switch, and unfortunately there won't be any "mods" on the switch. Since Skyrim Survival is going to be a "mod," that means I'm out of luck. 

I don't really want to play it on the PC if I'm going to spend the money to get it (again) on the Switch. Just a grumbly bit detail for players like me.

Otherwise, a very cool (pun intended) update mod.

  • I don’t know, I keep reading everywhere that mods already exist to make Skyrim a survival game. Mods so excellent that they already surpass what Bethesda has announced, not counting the fact that existing mods are free while this new mode while be sold.

    Wait and see, as they say.

    • That may very well be true. In fact I don’t doubt it one bit. I’ve never been a huge mod person, so I don’t follow the mod scene. I think making features officially matters more to me — again that’s a person thing. I’ve never even been a fan of WoW UI mods and always felt anything a mod did to be so popular that everyone used it should be a default UI feature.

    • Looks like my reply to Carl was right, there are mods for survival indeed. I’ll just echo what I already said. Mods are nice, but official releases and features matter more to me personally.

      And really these just reinforce one of my main grumble points: This shouldn’t be considered a “Mod” and all Skyrim platforms should get it. The “mods” already existed.

  • 100% agree on the mods take. All I’ve ever run in mmo’s is a dps meter and only when the raid slots have been competitive. I like this approach by Bethesda and do not mind at all spending $ on hours of new play for games I enjoy.

  • Having basically experienced exactly this in Fallout 4, I can tell you its a lot more fun on paper than in reality. ‘Realism’ added to a game originally not designed for it just makes everything more of a pain and take longer. Like honestly, how is having less carry capacity fun? Oh good, now you either can’t pick something you wanted to up, or you are making X more runs back and forth to your storage/store to clear out a dungeon.

    • I don’t think it replaces the base game experience or anything, but having played Skyrim a few times it seems like a fun novelty to experience at least until it grows tiresome.

  • So I tried this mod by them and I have to say it’s not worth the price they want. You can’t rest unless you find a sleeping bag or bed that is yours. The game gives you no way to buy and carries one or a tent. In the game Starting at At the Bridge in Riverun, I ran to the other side and not fully up until the hill and my Toon was now Extusted to the point of losing health. You have to do the slow walk everywhere and then even in Game time after an hour your a goner. The first dungeon for the Claw Took forever as I had to keep downing pots to stay alive from losing Health/Manna to no sleep. There is only one spot to sleep and it in the front of the dungeon. There is so much more wrong with this New Mod that it makes one not want to play the game and none of it do to bugs just bad planning. I hope if they want to make this work they add something to it so that it works better.