Awesome Star Wars Art Style

Awesome Star Wars Art Style

I came across BIGO's art randomly on a few websites this evening and wanted to toss my appreciation into the mix.

This is a seriously phenomenal take on Star Wars. I love the artistic blocky style, colorful palette, and playful style. I'm absolutely not an art critic of any kind, but I know the images evoke a response in the​ 'wouldn't this make an awesome video game' center of my brain.

When I look at the images, I'm reminded of a game called Yoda Stories that came out forever ago. It was like an old point and click puzzle-solving adventure. 

I would love if a game came out using BIGO's art style. I imagine it would make a great Yoda Stories-esque adventure on PC/Tablet/Phone or even a more complex strategy game. Maybe even a simulation game where you manage a base of some kind, or a Prison Escape style game -- that'd be awesome!

Very cool stuff. You can check out BIGO's work on his ArtStation and Behance pages.

  • You know what it reminds me of lego but not the standard lego but Duplo with its bright, cheery colours (: Very nice find.