How Far Do You Go For Amiibo?

I am absolutely not an Amiibo nut. I have several of them -- perhaps even 'many' -- but I wouldn't consider myself anywhere near Graev's level of Amiibo lust.

He recently got Monster Hunter Stories (I pre-ordered it for him for his Bday) and to go along with it, obviously one must have the Amiibo... the ones only available in Japan.

So what does he do? He imports from Japan.

I think with all the overseas shipping included his Amiibo came out to somewhere around $17.30 per amiibo. That's really not that bad considering it's 2-3 day shipping, and Amazon has them (with Prime) for $16-$22.

Do you go crazy for Amiibo? It's okay, you can admit it. I go crazy for Skylanders and Toys-to-Life stuff myself. Something about the Amiibo doesn't quite grab me as much, yet I feel the urge when they look this cool.

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