Enchanter Leveling + Lamenting the Lack of Solo Content in EQ

EverQuest (Agnarr TLP) is still my #1 game right now. I’m currently leveling my Enchanter (named Keen) to 50 and making great progress. It’s kind of sad… I have two characters who both fell flat at level 46 because I couldn’t push to grind out minuscule exp while waiting to find groups. I swear this Enchanter will not only hit 50, but 60 too since Kunark is already out.

I’m really having fun duo’ing and playing with my friend (Cleric named Irezfor Tips). We duo’d our way to 18 pretty much by charming and killing yellows/reds. Pretty strong duo.

Both of us are bemoaning the fact that the developers killed out soloing in these eras. That’s a really ironic fact, too, since so much of the industry and player-base went solo-friendly. Even EQ eventually goes super solo friendly.

There’s just nothing good to solo on in the Classic/Kunark era. All of the solo spots were wiped. We really can’t figure out why, either. For some reason they lowered mob levels and thinned out areas that something like a Necromancer could solo for good exp.

EQ was always the game where you COULD solo and progress well. It gets a bad rap for being a classic ‘hardcore’ game, and with that people immediately assume “group only game” but that’s not how it was at all. I have more to say on that tomorrow.

We have big plans to hit 40+ this coming weekend. We’re hoping it’s the Labor Day holiday EXP weekend. Fingers crossed because I’d love to hit a level where I can go to Kunark content and start grouping.

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