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Looking for Mice and Keyboard Recommendations

I'm entering the market for a new mouse, and while I'm at it I think it's time for a new keyboard.

I've had the same mouse since 2004 when WoW was still a fresh new game, and my first character was leveling up in Hillsbrad Foothills on the farm.

I love the Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse. Something about the way it's shaped, its heft, and the way it feels are perfect.

I've tried to replace it over the years. Trust me, I have a box full of mice that I try once or twice and end up putting back in the box.

The MX1000 isn't perfect, though. The battery lasts only a few hours now before needing to recharge. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't lost count of the number of times I'm in the middle of a match or a raid and have to dock it for a few seconds during DPS rotations.

I'm also not a fan of the pads on the bottom falling off. I've purchased several replacement pads.

It's mostly a battery charging issue, but slightly a wireless interference issue that brings me to want a mouse with a cord. While I'm at it, a keyboard too. The keys on this one are starting to stick and are becoming harder to push. It's seen many, many years.

I've had the Steelseries Rival 310 recommended to me. It looks pretty good. I want the mouse to be a good size and heft. Nothing too dainty or light. I don't want to feel like I"m going to break it when playing intensely. 

I also want buttons on the side. Maybe 3 at most. Nothing like that 12 button or 20 button sides. I need to be able to grip the mouse pretty tight at times if necessary.

Any recommendations on a good mouse/gaming mouse and keyboard? 

  • Corsair k70 keyboard and their Scimitar mouse have made me a happy gamer. Splurge on one of their mousepads while you’re at it.

    • That’s a pricey keyboard! Looks nice though. Are the keys super loud? I don’t love it when the keys sound like mechanical thunder.

      Also on the Scimitar mouse, where does your thumb go and grip without hitting buttons?

      • Keys are weighty fast and responsive as is the wired mouse. Mouse, mouse pad, keyboard,monitor and headphones/speaker are your interface and should cost about as much as your rig imho.

    • How do you use a mouse like that with 12 buttons? I put my thumb on the side and grip. I’d always hit buttons.

      • You have to press moderately hard, you won’t push em accidently, and you learn not to grip overly hard.

  • I tried a cordless mouse once. never again.

    I’m currently using a Gigabyte M6900, which is a cheap 3-speed mouse with two side buttons. Since I only ever use one speed and never use either of the extra buttons it’s well beyond what I actually need and I’m very happy with it.

    My keyboard is a very cheap one supposedly suitable for gaming. The “C” key was dodgy from the day it arrived but I couldn’t be bothered to return it and now the typos it causes are just part of the keyboard’s character. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

    • I like the simplicity of your mouse, and it looks like the contours are similar to the MX1000 I’ve used for 13 years.

    • That mouse looks great. Looks comfortable to palm grip, and looks sturdy and well-built. Adding the batteries probably ads a nice amount of heft to it.

      I can’t decide how strong my desire to get away from wireless is though.

  • I’m still a huge fan of the G13 gamepad (used Nostromo before that) and any accompanying Logitech mouse – I have the G700 which has a battery level indicator on the side, so can swap out rechargeables before critical gaming moments. Definately goimg to get the G602 next though, but agree that anything more then 2-4 side buttons is overkill. The Logitech programming software is fantastic – incredibly easy to use. Nothing is worth the annoyance of mouse cord yank/tangle and general management imo! G13 just makes gaming easier – movement options with the thumbstick and moving functions to within easy reach of your hand – really helpful.

  • My husband has the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition(Professional Grade Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse)and the mousepad and keyboard to go with it. Not only does it look cool, but the buttons and lights can be customized (if you’re into that sort of thing). ^_^ It’s super comfy whenever i get a chance to play on his pc. It’ll highlight the buttons used for Diablo 3 when we are playing. Just a neat, fun set overall.

  • I really like the Logitech G502. Wired, Not too many buttons, and customizable weight.

    Keyboard wise, I prefer the near silent mechanical ones, mostly MX Red or MX Brown. I’m using an older Corsair K90 that I still love, so others suggesting Corsair I agree with. They have cheaper ones if you don’t need all the bells and whistles.

  • The Logitech G502 Proteus is pretty good. i still just wish they’d bring back the oldschool MX Revolution. i was so close to paying $500 for one on ebay before i found the G502. when people are paying $500 for a mouse that is like 10 years old, you should start making that mouse again. get it together logitech!

  • After having used a naga for a couple of years (depressing build quality), I’m very happy with my (current) Corsair mouse. Much better price – quality ratio and so far the performance has been stellar.