Necros and Enchanters Cross-Gaming & Stuff

Necros and Enchanters Cross-Gaming & Stuff

Quick little update for you guys tonight because I had a super late day and haven’t had much time to play a whole lot or write up something thought-provoking or intelligent.

There are two main things to update you on for this week.

Path of Exile Necro Leveling Progress

My “SRS” necromancer-ish-thing is like level 30’ish and I’m in Act 3 now. Have to say the SRS stuff just absolutely obliterates everything. Nothing even comes close to hurting me now, and I pop everything on the screen in a few seconds.

I’m finally understanding what some of the lingo means. I’m linking my gems up nicely (melee splash, duration, etc) and figuring out how to read this guide I’m using. One of the big things I learned that started to help me was how to “craft” — aka sell to a vendor.

The game is growing on me more and more. In fact I think it’s the only thing I played on Saturday and most of Sunday. Hoping to continue my progress this week except there’s…

EverQuest Kunark Plans

Agnarr’s Kunark expansion drops in two days (Wednesday, Aug 16) and I’m prepping for two main goals:

  1. Get my Necromancer a pre-nerf Circlet of Shadow
  2. Level an Enchanter

The CoS is pretty dang awesome. Instant invis? Check.

Whether or not my friend and I can actually get a camp will be the challenge, but he’s taking off work and I can usually swing getting home a little early. Servers open up Kunark around 2pm PT.

The reason I’m going Enchanter is because, quite frankly, I need groups. I’ve complained plenty about not getting a group on my Shaman and now my Necro, and given I can only play at prime time

Playing an Enchanter means getting 5 group invites before I can even finish loading into the game. Only makes sense to me, and I love Enchanters anyway.

Okay guys, that’s all for tonight! #31DayBloggingChallenge 2 week point!