Kunark Launches on Agnarr in a Few Days

Kunark Launches on Agnarr in a Few Days

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My how time passes! I was hoping to have a little more time to level my Necromancer, but these 12 weeks have gone by so fast.

Kunark launches on EverQuest‘s Agnarr server on August 16. That’s like 5 days away from the time of this blog post goes live. I’ve had a rough go of things on Agnarr. Well, that’s a half-truth. I’ve had it pretty good. My original character is a Troll Shaman and is around level 46. My Necromancer is about to ding level 46 in the group you see featured above in the image.

With Kunark launching so soon, people are panicking and grouping up everywhere. This is the first time I’ve been able to get a group in over two weeks. That’s where most of my struggles come from — at least the ones I care about. Although I do prefer to solo as a Necromancer, EverQuest in this era kinda sucks for solo exp. Logging in around 5:30pm PT means the groups are usually already full for prime time. Logging out by 8pm means if I don’t get into a group then I won’t get much exp.

(P.S. Ding level 46 while writing this post!)

The other rough go of things comes from some botched guilds, and over-emphasis on raiding causing people I liked to go coocoo for cocopuffs. My luck hasn’t been that great. Contrast that to my good friend who’s playing with me. He got a JBoots handed to him in 15 minutes of camping, got carried by a ton of groups, and has like 3 level 50’s. 😛

Still! Despite the rough go, I have it pretty good. I think I’m wearing some of the better gear (sans raiding) for a Necromancer. I love my character(s) — even the Shaman who can’t get groups.

I’m planning to roll an Ikskar Monk eventually, but probably start the expansion out with an Enchanter. However I find time to work that in with my Necro leveling, I have no clue.

  • Cool. I was tempted to come back again when this server was announced, but never did. Still getting my retro-mmo fulfillment casually playing on Uthgard though.

    If I could get the wife to play EQ with me, I’m sure I’d be there, but she never played EQ during its heyday. DAoC was her first MMO, so we’re playing Uthgard.

    I have fond memories of both games.