Splatoon 2’s First Splatfest Results: Mayo vs. Ketchup

Splatoon 2’s First Splatfest Results: Mayo vs. Ketchup

Splatoon 2 recently released, and while our review is forthcoming I have to first post about current events in the game.

The very first Splatfest since release occurred yesterday, and it didn't go off without a little controversy.

If you're unfamiliar with what a Splatfest is it's basically a community even where you get to pick a team in-game based on a choice. In the past we've had Cats vs. Dogs, Rollercoasters vs. Waterslides, Pokemon Red vs. Pokemon blue, etc.  They're just fun ways to get you to self-segment and then compete for a victory.

The theme of this Splatfest was Mayo vs. Ketchup.

Graev and I chose Ketchup. Clearly the better condiment. A lot of people seem to be wondering why we didn't have a Ketchup vs. Mayo pairing, and i think that's because in Japan the choice would be Mayo. Anyway, we went Ketchup... and apparently so did the rest of the community.

Team Mayo Wins Splatfest

​Yet despite so much of the community going Ketchup, it was Mayo that reigned supreme

I put a lot of time into Splatfest yesterday competing for team Ketchup. However, most of my matchups were not against Mayo. instead, I was facing my own team almost every time. AT LEAST 80% of my matches were done against my own team Ketchup.

People are pissed because it turns out our matches -- dozens or even hundreds per person -- didn't count.

Here's how the scoring works.

​It's a simple tally of the three categories. Whatever team has the most percentage points in the majority of the categories is the winner.

  • Popularity
  • Solo Wins
  • Team Wins

As you can see above, Ketchup received 73% of teh vote but lost in the other two categories. 

What ended up happening here is that when Ketchup and Mayo actually did fight each other, Mayo won slightly more of those matches. Us poor Ketchups spent most of our time in worthless matchups.​

Clearly a system needs to be in place where a side that gets the majority vote doesn't win by default. Otherwise there wouldn't be a reason to battle. But it's pretty unclear how the ketchup vs. ketchup battles even factor in if at all. Do they cancel each other out with a win and a loss, or simply not count at all?

I still had fun. It was a reason to get me to log in for a few hours on a Saturday and ink it up.

Here's hoping Nintendo can work out the system so that the community doesn't rebel against Nintendo's most popular online game.

    • The uproar on social media was pretty funny. All the #notmycondiment and #fakenews memes made me chuckle.

      While unfortunate that it all went down this way, and a little part of me is bummed Ketchup didn’t win, a bigger part of me is thinking, “we’re talking about Splatoon here… who cares?!”

      P.S. #notmycondiment

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