Should We Add a Homepage?

Today I want to ask you a question about how our website is laid out and serves our readers. Our goal over the years has always been to provide a quick and seamless way for our readers to find our content; More specifically, the content they are looking for when they are looking for it.

Our blog was created over ten years ago. That’s back when blogs were really only getting started, and not yet a mainstream type of site. Back then it was the normal for a blog or website to land you right on the blog feed. In other words, like our site. When you load our keenandgraev.com you see our current “homepage” which is nothing more than the most recent post excerpts and a sidebar. What if we added a new or real homepage?

Defining the User Experience on the Homepage

What if when you loaded keenandgraev.com you were presented with a homepage instead? One that contained:

  • An active header section (not a slider) that contained a call-to-action for that month
  • A section about us for new readers to quickly learn what Keen and Graev are about (a “Start Here” page of sorts)
  • Our most recent blogs presented horizontally
  • Our main categories or “silos” of content for users to quickly jump to the types of posts they want to see most
  • Featured Content below that which we think our readers would like to see

Creating Better Funnels

From the homepage there would be a number of ways for you to get to the content. At the top in our navigation you could simply click “blog” and be taken to the same exact page you’ve always seen. That would be our “blog”.

You could click on particular categories to only see blog posts from those categories. Example: if you want to only see MMORPG posts you could click into that category. Each category would have a custom designed landing page themed and tailored to the needs of a MMORPG reader.

Focusing on New and Existing Readers Equally

The main goal is to provide a better, more custom tailored user experience for our new readers who haven’t visited us before while enhancing the experience for our long-time readers. Right now our website heavily favors the reader who has been with us for years. You guys already know how we think. Our posts build upon each other. A new reader has to jump right into the fray without any context. What if we provided context for that new reader?

Your feedback is wanted. All I ask is that you think with an open mind about it. If you’re like me, you resist change. Oh my gosh I hate change. But look past the change. Do you see more value in having a homepage for our readers or would you prefer things to stay exactly the way they are where you load right to the blog feed? if you want to stay the same, why? The goal is to always serve you best.

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