SteamVR & Vive Errors 306, 307, 405

SteamVR & Vive Errors 306, 307, 405

Bit of a grumbly post this morning.

Graev just got the Playstation VR and gifted me his HTC Vive — which you may recall I blogged about some time ago. I was super excited to bring it home and get it all working so that Graev and I could play Star Trek Bridge Crew.

I brought it home, hooked it all up the same way we hooked it up at Graev’s place, and was met with brutal disappointment. It wasn’t working.

“Error: SharedIPC Compositor Invalid Connect Response (307)”

That’s the error I was receiving in SteamVR.

Everything was green. All items were detected: headset, both hand controllers, both sensors. Yet for some reason I was getting the 307 error on Steam, and in the SteamVR little window in the bottom center I had a “A key component of SteamVR isn’t working (306).”

I proceeded to spend the next 3 hours unplugging and replugging, rebooting, resetting, uninstalling, reinstalling, swapping cables. Nothing.


Fast forward to the next evening. I have a long day 12 hour work day and finally have time to play so I cross my fingers and run into all of the same errors.

This time Graev recommends I try putting SteamVR into beta mode. Done.

Now I get error 405 – Compositor can’t create graphical device. For hours it appeared I was the only one on the planet getting these errors and that nothing was going to fix my problem. Then 12 hours ago (aka last night when I was in the thick of things) it looks like another poor soul has my same issue.

I’m going to try doing display port to hdmi for my monitor and see if hdmi to the link box fixes my issue. If that still yields no success, I’ll be giving the Vive back to Graev and giving up. I can’t waste 3 precious nights of gaming time futsing around with gimmicky VR crap that doesn’t work right out of the box.

Seriously, it’s 2017 and you release a product that doesn’t work out of the box? As a consumer, I have no patience for this type of experience — strike that, I have 3 days worth of patience and now a whole ton of bad will.

Update: Fixed for Vive and SteamVR errors 305, 306, and 405!

I tried swapping cables and having my monior being on the display port with my Vive Linkbox using hdmi but that didn’t work. You can see a bunch of my solutions above. None of those worked.

What ultimately worked and solved my issues with the Vive error 306, 306, and 405 was rolling back my Nvidia drivers. Huh? Wtf? I know. That’s exactly what I thought.

I rolled my drivers back to version 381.89. I did a clean installation of my drivers. Just to be safe I went to the standard windows program removal and removed the drivers there. Then I used the install utility (what I linked) to do a “clean installation” of the 381.89 drivers. I left the Nvidia experience and audio drivers alone but clean installed the 3d and other drivers back to 381.89 or whatever version came with these older drivers.

Then I restarted my computer. While off, I unplugged all of the cables for the Vive.

I booted the computer back up and plugged my cables into the linkbox in the following order (I have no idea if it matters): USB, power cable, HDMI (or mini display port — I tried both ultimately and they both work).

Then I plugged in the Vive headset in the same order.

I booted up Steam, then SteamVR.

To my complete shock, it freaking worked.

And it wasn’t even the latest Nvidia drivers causing the issues. I had a few versions BEFORE the latest version. It didn’t work with those, it didn’t work with the newest. I only worked when I used Nvidia drivers 381.89. Also, note that I am using the BETA version of SteamVR that you can use by right clicking on SteamVR in your tools library and going to properties and enabling it there.

I hope this helps you solve your problem! May you struggle less than I did.

  • So you hooked the link box HDMI to your graphics card display port?

    I don’t know for sure but that might be the issue.

    I have my graphics card sending 2 display port to hdmi to my 2 monitors, and then I plug the link box into the graphics card hdmi port and it works perfect for me, always has, right out of the box.

    • Dude, could you please let me know what you did to fix it. I am having the same problem as we speak.

      • I added the solution that worked for me to the end of the post. Good luck man, and if you need a sounding board to figure out what’s wrong feel free to ask away.

    • Yes, at this point in time it is gimmicky. And in fact, I think for the foreseeable future it will be gimmicky.

      The tech is too expensive and unrefined. The experiences on a VR device are augmented in some ways (“3d”, duh) but restricted and basic in every way that defines a game with scope and substance.

      That’s why most VR games act more like demos than games.

      I don’t see that changing without a remarkable change in tech. So it’ll be a long while yet.

      This generation of VR will shift no paradigms. It’s still fun, though… when it works.

  • I remeber having similar error every time I connected my (second) monitor or the vive (can’t remember which one) via a display-port cable instead of HDMI because my GPU has 1 HDMI and 2 Display-Ports and 1 DVI.

    Solution was to unplug my second monitor (which I think was was using the HDMI Port) and switch my Vive von Display-Port to the HDMI slot, while my second monitor is still running un DVI.

    I haven’t testet this in a long while, but I remember I always had to restart (!) when this problem occured.

    This looks close to the issue I was having ( although I’m using ATI Radeon R9 Fury

    • Edit:
      My solution was to unplug my first monitor (which I think was was using the HDMI Port) and switch my Vive from Display-Port to the HDMI slot, while my second monitor was still running un DVI so I could still see the Windows Desktop.

  • I hit the same problems just today, found so many people talking about potential fixes and such. Steam forum, HTC forum, nothing worked, until I found this. You’re a lifesaver, man. Thank you so much.

  • You are a genuine life saver thank you so much i’ve had the error for about a month now 😂

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