3 MMORPG Mistakes You Will & Won’t Make Again

We've all made mistakes we wish we could take back. Sometimes we learn from them and grow, other times we keep making that same mistake again.

The mistakes I'll keep making over and over again are the ones I beat myself up over. So today I'm going to share the 3 mistakes I'm positive I will make again. 

My only criteria are:

  • Must somehow relate to MMORPGs
  • Must be a mistake that gets in the way of having fun​
  • Must be honest

3 MMORPG Mistakes I'm Sure I'll Make Again

Play a DPS Class

I don't like playing DPS, yet somehow it happens. I prefer support, then healing, then tanks way more.  I hate how DPS classes always feel like the e-peen hyper-competitive class of Call of Duty gamers.

The DPS classes area meant for the the guys who remind me of my college roomates: Wear their hat backwards, like walking around without a shirt on, and tell crude jokes and swear too much on voice comms.

​Compare Myself to Others

Maybe it's my personality, but it's a huge flaw I hate about myself. I compare myself to others way too much. It happens in RL, and that translates to hyper-comparing in MMORPGs.

I see someone ride by on a mount I don't have and that makes them better. Their gear is more advanced than mine so that means I'm inferior. They make more money in-game, so I'm a noob.

Knowing it's a problem and being able to do something about are entirely separate things.

Play a Flavor-of-the-Month Class

​Oh my gosh, why do I do it?! I'm like a moth to a flame!

I don't necessarily blame myself for this completely. They're awesome for a reason.​  But they always end up being nerfed, I get angry at the devs, then angry at myself, and usually quit the game.

3 MMORPG Mistakes I will Never Make Again

Start a Serious Guild

I just don't have it in me anymore. I don't want the responsibility for other people's fun. I don't want to have to handle people who can't get along or act their age. I don't want to feel responsible when things go wrong because other people can't come through on their obligation.

From now on, if I start a guild then it will be more like a "group" that has a (default) green chat channel. The people who join will be there because they're my friends, and I'll expect them to wear their big boy/girl pants.

Play a Class I Don't Want to Play

I've fallen on the sword one too many times. The class I really want to play is being played by my brother or a friend, so I roll something else.

Fast forward a few weeks/months and that person quits and I'm left playing a class I didn't want to play. Or worse, I quit early because I'm not happy.

Raid on a Treadmill

Notice my condition there. I'm okay doing a "raid" if we're talking "kill a big dragon with a group of 70 people" or "jump into a big ad hoc raid group going to the planes." What I won't do is commit to the "-ing" Raiding.​

What Are Your Mistakes?

It's therapeutic to talk about this stuff! What are your mistakes you'll make again, and the ones you swear are never happening again?

Feel free to bullet point them or explain them like I did above. ​

  • Bhagpuss says:

    Mistakes I always make:

    1. Never throw anything away.
    2. Create far more characters than I have any hope of playing.
    3. End up mostly playing a class I never planned on playing.

    Mistakes I won’t repeat:

    1. Get emotionally involved in guild drama.
    2. No, that’s it. Just that one.

  • Drathmar says:

    “The DPS classes area meant for the the guys who remind me of my college roomates: Wear their hat backwards, like walking around without a shirt on, and tell crude jokes and swear too much on voice comms.”

    I have to take offense to this statement personally. I love playing DPS, however I rarely speak on voice comms, let alone make crude jokes, am constantly trying to help the guild, constantly trying to help people with their rotation, etc. I take offense that you make a blanket statement that DPS classes are only meant for the type of people you describe.

    As for the mistakes part –

    Mistakes I always Make:
    1.) Playing a healer. I hate it yet always get talked into doing it
    2.) Rushing through leveling, It’s been a long time since I sat back and enjoyed it but when I do I love it
    3.) Agreeing to become an officer. It always happens because I always try and help people improve and am told I am always nice about it yet I always burn out on the responsibility.

    Mistakes I won’t repeat:
    1.) Getting invested in guild drama

    • Keen says:

      No offense was meant. As indicated, I play dps classes and expect to play them again.

      While you and I (and others) aren’t that way, I have observed over the past years a definite trend. The dpsers tend to fit a mold. I meet fewers healers and tanks who act like dps snobs and get competitive with everyone else.

      • Drathmar says:

        Fair enough. I guess I am drawing from my last experience in WoW where the whole DPS group were pretty much good friends who helped each other and never tried to compete. Honestly only region I stopped playing legion is my shift at work changed and so I couldn’t stay with that guilds raid times and didn’t want to find a new one.

        The weird thing was the healers were more competitive than the DPS in that guild. They were always talking about topping the HPS meter and taking jabs at those who did sub par.

        But I do remember from the past people can be like that, though I see if among both healers and DPS rather than just DPS.

  • Misaligned says:

    Mistakes I’m sure I’ll make again:
    1. Playing roles I don’t enjoy because I feel it’s needed for my group of friends or guild. Usually tanking or healing. I generally prefer DPS or support.
    2. Taking time off work for launches (Hi, Agnarr!)
    3. Volunteering for officer positions in guilds. I’m naturally inclined to want to help but it usually ends up draining my enjoyment of the game dealing with petty stuff.

    Mistakes I’ll never make again:
    1. Buying into hype for The Next Big Thing™
    2. Playing too many alts and not focusing on a main.
    3. Force myself to continue playing when the game is no longer enjoyable.

    • Keen says:

      Oooo your #3 you’ll never make again is a good one. Used to happen to me a lot. Over the years I’ve come to value my time so much that it’s easier to drop out, but I still feel the obligation or guilt sometimes.

  • Donald Kay says:

    Mistakes I am sure I will make again:
    1. Play a Mele class. If ranged classes do more damage, playing mele doesn’t make much sense, especially if you pvp, but I do it every game.
    2. Play the Beta. I keep telling myself to just not do this so it is fresh, but I do it anyways and find myself not enjoying the first day of play.
    3. Level quickly. I can’t help it I like to rush my first character to max level. TBH the journey in MMO’s has been utter garbage. Vanilla WOW was the best but since then it is just an obstacle rather than an experience.

    Mistakes I will never make again:
    1. Pay into a Kickstarter
    2. Ignore crafting
    3. Stick with a guild of bad players

    • Keen says:

      You nailed it with betas. I always tell myself I won’t do it, but I keep going back in like a moth to a flame.

  • Sanz says:

    Speaking of not buying into the hype or doing Kickstarter again, I just read star citizen passed $150m. That’s either going to be an amazing game or the funniest train wreck ever. So basically a win win.

  • Mistakes I’m Sure I’ll Make Again

    – Be an elitist player.This might sound like an elitist player, but when I play an MMORPG, and I play a certain role, dps, healer, tank. I learn the class and all the abilities/combo and play it at 100%.
    I was hardcore FFXI player and was in the top guild, even there people were so slow to cast key abilities or just didn’t know their roles.

    -Putting to much time into the game. That was pretty bad. I would come back from work eat, take a shower, play for 6h then go to bed. Rince and repeat for 4 years. I was young 🙁

    -Help the wrong people. In my SWTOR days, I was one of the few people who hit the max level very quick in my guild. That lead to people spamming me for help. Instead of helping people who needed help, I helped those damn leechers.

    Mistakes I will never make again:

    – As someone said on top, ignore crafting, I hate it but it several games crafting can bring you many benefits.

    -Join a top guild. This, because it takes so much involvement to be in the top guild, I mean in hours. Another example of FFXI, I had to attends “events” to gain points in order to bid on gear. Our guild had a point system for people who wanted gear.

    -Play a Class that I don’t like. This happened way too often when you’re in a top guild, and you’re only a member you do not choose your class. If they need a tank and you have the job at max level, you will go on it. Man that pissed me off, I understand the logic behind it, but god damn.

  • Jenks says:

    Interesting that raiding is on there, I got the impression you were enjoying raiding during your last stint in WoW. MMOs these days don’t seem to have any lasting appeal outside raiding, and if I’m going to play a game for less than a month it sure as hell is going to be something with a better story or gameplay than an MMO. I play MMOs to make friends and play with them. I’m one of the many people who says things like “I can name more friends from my EQ guild 18 years ago then every MMO since.” But the closest thing to recreating that is joining a raid guild that fits your schedule (I raid 2x a week). I’ve made some pretty great friends that way.

    The funniest one for me on this list is flavor of the month. I’m the exact opposite, if I can see stats on class populations I almost always pick something more rare. This leads to playing underpowered things a lot but I enjoy making them work. It’s extremely rewarding to me going into a dungeon with random people and having someone say “wow you’re the first feral druid I’ve seen this expansion, I heard they’re terrible” and then blowing everyone out of the water. It’s also a great excuse to not be competitive like your point about DPS. If you play a FOTM class, you’ve got to really work to stand out. Play an oddball class and it’s much less of an issue.

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