3 MMORPG Mistakes You Will & Won’t Make Again

We've all made mistakes we wish we could take back. Sometimes we learn from them and grow, other times we keep making that same mistake again.

The mistakes I'll keep making over and over again are the ones I beat myself up over. So today I'm going to share the 3 mistakes I'm positive I will make again. 

My only criteria are:

  • Must somehow relate to MMORPGs
  • Must be a mistake that gets in the way of having fun​
  • Must be honest

3 MMORPG Mistakes I'm Sure I'll Make Again

Play a DPS Class

I don't like playing DPS, yet somehow it happens. I prefer support, then healing, then tanks way more.  I hate how DPS classes always feel like the e-peen hyper-competitive class of Call of Duty gamers.

The DPS classes area meant for the the guys who remind me of my college roomates: Wear their hat backwards, like walking around without a shirt on, and tell crude jokes and swear too much on voice comms.

​Compare Myself to Others

Maybe it's my personality, but it's a huge flaw I hate about myself. I compare myself to others way too much. It happens in RL, and that translates to hyper-comparing in MMORPGs.

I see someone ride by on a mount I don't have and that makes them better. Their gear is more advanced than mine so that means I'm inferior. They make more money in-game, so I'm a noob.

Knowing it's a problem and being able to do something about are entirely separate things.

Play a Flavor-of-the-Month Class

​Oh my gosh, why do I do it?! I'm like a moth to a flame!

I don't necessarily blame myself for this completely. They're awesome for a reason.​  But they always end up being nerfed, I get angry at the devs, then angry at myself, and usually quit the game.

3 MMORPG Mistakes I will Never Make Again

Start a Serious Guild

I just don't have it in me anymore. I don't want the responsibility for other people's fun. I don't want to have to handle people who can't get along or act their age. I don't want to feel responsible when things go wrong because other people can't come through on their obligation.

From now on, if I start a guild then it will be more like a "group" that has a (default) green chat channel. The people who join will be there because they're my friends, and I'll expect them to wear their big boy/girl pants.

Play a Class I Don't Want to Play

I've fallen on the sword one too many times. The class I really want to play is being played by my brother or a friend, so I roll something else.

Fast forward a few weeks/months and that person quits and I'm left playing a class I didn't want to play. Or worse, I quit early because I'm not happy.

Raid on a Treadmill

Notice my condition there. I'm okay doing a "raid" if we're talking "kill a big dragon with a group of 70 people" or "jump into a big ad hoc raid group going to the planes." What I won't do is commit to the "-ing" Raiding.​

What Are Your Mistakes?

It's therapeutic to talk about this stuff! What are your mistakes you'll make again, and the ones you swear are never happening again?

Feel free to bullet point them or explain them like I did above. ​

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