Blast From the Past. Oldie but a Goodie. Bringing Sexy back?

I'm trying something a little bit new here that I think will help me tackle some of my writers block I've had with this blog lately.

I'm going to revisit many my top posts and rewrite them in the mindset of 2017 Keen vs. 2007 Keen or whatever year the post may be from.

I decided to do this vs. what editing and republishing (which is better for SEO) because I want to preserve the comment sections of those posts. I'll link to the older post for you to reference. Fun to see how so many of you commented even back then!

​My opinions change. Boy do they ever change...

And I started this blog to express the opinions I hold about the gaming industry, so it only makes sense to keep it up.​

So if you see a topic come up and think, "Didn't Keen write on this back in 2007?" First, kudos to your memory. Second, thanks for being a reader. Third, it stuck with you because it was probably a good topic, so comment again!