The blogging funk and getting back into things

I have been in a funk lately. I want to write. I sit down every afternoon for an hour and sit here staring at the screen. I browse MMORPG.com, Shacknews, and a few of my old faithfuls. Nothing. Nothing about games to inspire me. More specifically, absolutely zilch about MMORPGs. The MMO news sites look like they’re sponsored by the east these days.

My first instinct was to publish a few articles currently pending as drafts that turned out to be nothing more than crappy negative posts about why my motivation is lacking. I’ll delete those since writing them only depressed me. And rather than be super critical of a few games (cough… survival MMO… cough) I’ll move on.

Total random thought:

Anyone planning to try Kingdom of Loot? It releases in 18 hours on Steam early access. Yeah, early access. FML. It looks… tempting. I think pixel graphic and fantasy settings are like crack.

Back on track, I think my blogging mojo will come back when I remember this is a blog and not a site where I have to be profound. That’s one of my weaknesses. I feel like I can’t just write random posts without a ‘point’ to make… but that’s not why I blog. I’m in a funk, and I’ll get over it.

I told my wife (halfway through writing this stream of consciousness mess you’re reading) that I think my solution to my blogging funk is, “to buy more games and just play them.” Her response was “Yeah, you need to do that!” ┬áIs it a trap? Pity? I don’t know…

My lack of motivation lately has been a bit of a gaming depression. I slipped into it shortly after following the advice of some of you to focus more on career and making money. I succeeded… quite well, actually. But for a while there games were losing their savor. That felt wrong to me. I have to return to what I enjoy.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Another QuickCast releases tomorrow and I’ll try Kingdom of Loot and a bunch of other random crap I find on Steam to blow money on.

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