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QuickCast Episode 2: So Many Games

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We're back with another episode of Keen and Graev's QuickCast! In this episode, I grill Graev on all the games he's playing. As many of you know, Graev is a connoisseur of games and will play pretty much everything he can get his hands on -- or not play... which is why his backlog dates back to October 2002.

Show Notes:

Episode Summary:

Mass Effect Andromeda
Graev feels that Mass Effect Andromeda has plenty of issues, but remains fun for those who enjoyed the formula of its predecessors. The conversations are rather dull and unimaginative, and the combat has been dumbed down, but it's fun.

Persona 5
A beautiful turn-based RPG. A large aspect of the game is like a life simulator. You play as a high school student and you get to makes choices how you'll spend your time. It's like part social life sim and part JRPG turn-based combat. The graphics are awesome and it's a fun game.

LEGO City Undercover
Essentially the same game for Wii U but slightly updated graphics. It plays pretty much like the typical LEGO games do, but there's an open-world component. There's plenty of humor and it's worth picking up.

Starcraft Remastered
We both agree that it's going to be worth $20, and we're glad it's staying sprites. Keen is way more excited about replaying some of the older games again.

A mini Overwatch Rant
We went on a quick tangent about how neither of us understand Overwatch and where the Blizzard community has gone with being absorbed by the meta.

  • Hijacking another thread. Sorry. I just can’t stop thinking of this random stuff.

    MMOs work. We know that. But PCs are dead. Phones are what’s happening now. But MMOs are way too complex on phones. Or you can make them work but they are so simple they are not immersive.

    Are they dead until a new interface is designed? Whether it’s VR or whatever?

    I’m a hardcore PC/laptop owner and I can barely be bothered to boot it up any more.

    As a related point, my high school age nephews visited last week. They hate the Mall, and going to movies, and they don’t have a PC. Which all sounds like crazy talk. But then again I’m old now. That’s terrible for the MMO market though.

    • Interestingly that was the topic I had but we didn’t get to in this episode. We’ll get to it eventually, or I’ll cover it in a blog.

      I don’t think that PCs are necessarily ‘dead’. PCs just aren’t where the innovation is happening right now. Whether the paradigm shifts completely remains to be seen.