Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers

Harvest Moon Lil’ Farmers

Once again a Harvest Moon game is releasing on iOS, and once again I feel the twinge as I open the email. “Could this be it? The Harvest Moon I’ve been waiting for?” And once again it’s so very far from the mark.

Harvest Moon Lil’Farmers releases May 25 as a “playset for young children.” On a mobile device. Preschoolers with iPads. May the gaming gods have mercy.

Youngsters will be able to:

  • Grow veggies in the vegetable patch, planting seeds and then helping them grow them with tender loving care!
  • Shear sheep, collect eggs, milk your cow and more as you care for and nurture all of your animals.
  • Keep the locals happy by providing a wide range of produce in your farm shop.

Harvest Moon Lil'Farmers Crops

I wish you could see my face. It’s something like the face Shatner made screaming Khaaaaaaan!

“We worked in close partnership with the series’ originator Natsume for complete authenticity…”

Come again?

That’s like saying Seeds of Memories did the same thing when it looked like it was made by some sweat shop knockoff. Oh wait.

I find myself baffled by the lack of authenticity and care for the brand. I’m further baffled by their inability to recreate the games themselves on iOS, or their desire.

Alas, I’m crying over spilled milk. We have Stardew Valley, a close if not superior in many ways Harvest Moon-like game. I just want one on my iPhone. I want to pull it out while waiting in lines and harvest some crops. I want to flip to it while watching TV or doing something else. Harvest Moon is the perfect match for iOS/Android.

  • My Mom who is not a gamer got really into Stardew Valley. The setting, gameplay and sedate pacing made it perfect for her since she is inexperienced at any modern video games. She has played it to exhaustion now though and I am sort of at a loss as to what game to suggest she play next. I think it will have to be a computer or mobile game since I don’t see her booting up a console and sitting on the couch to play anything, but there really aren’t any other farming simulators on the PC (not including the ones that are company management sims like Farm Simulator 2k17 or w/e), and mobile games are 99.9% shameful time and money sinks like the one you’re reviewing here.