Conglomoblog After the Plague

Got hit hard with the plague out here. Nasty upper and lower respiratory infections all around. Disgusting and debilitating, right at the launch of the Switch. Bleh.

I want to catch up on a few things I would have otherwise posted about individually in a more timely manner.

Mass Effect Andromeda Blunder?

Mass Effect Andromeda is making news for all the wrong reasons. The overall impressions of the game are coming in mixed from people who have played, but the mockery over the character models, animations, or gameplay is overwhelming.

I don’t feel like subscribing to EA access to play the first 10 hours, so I haven’t tried it myself. I’ve played all of the other installments in the series and liked them well enough, but I think I’ll ultimately wait for the reviews before committing.

Dark Age of Account Creation

A good friend of mine and I started up characters on Uthgard and I think we’re like 17’ish. We’re thinking about making to switch over the the actual DAOC servers now. I’m not sold on the idea since I can’t imagine myself competing in RvR or PvE for that matter with people who have 10+ years of no reset (hard or soft) on me.

Trying to make an account has been an exercise in futility. First I tried signing up for an account and it kept telling me my emails were claimed. Huh? Then I realized it’s linked with EA’s account system. Huh again… I thought Broadsword owned it now? Is Broadsword EA? Using EA’s servers? What’s the situation here. Then I tried to sign up for a trial and couldn’t get that to work because apparently the accounts I have — which would be used for a trial — can’t be? So I have to create another account with an email I don’t have in order to take advantage of it? Having an account that isn’t linked to DAOC was requiring a key. I got frustrated and gave up. Not great for potential players to face these struggles.

I don’t want to seem whiny or ignorant or unwilling to try, so I’ll give it another go this weekend.

World of Aint No One Got Time for That

I put myself on hiatus from WoW. I was down to only logging in for raids, and with my work schedule being what it is and trying to find time to do ANYTHING else with the free time I do have, I couldn’t be tied to a schedule. So I’m now officially off WoW again.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing up until the end there. Raiding does weird things to people and twists games into knots. We all know that, though. Raiding just isn’t for me anymore. I’ll simply have to try and remember that before I ever consider jumping in again.

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