WoW Progress Update

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these. Yep, I’m still playing WoW. Does that mean I’m past the 3 monther status now?

KGC & Friends are now 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare, and 3/3 Trial of Valor.

That’s quite an accomplishment for us. We are a VERY casual raiding guild — about as casual as they come. We raid 2 nights a week for 2 hours each night. Typically our raids are on Monday and Sunday at 4:30pm PST. Yep, that’s right, we raid only 4 hours a week.

One of the biggest challenges with being so casual is that we have had to fight the idea that being casual means it’s okay to be unreliable or not committed and dedicated. We had to let some people weed themselves out. Some people wanted to raid more. We had to let them go and flap their wings and fly free. Some people didn’t have the patience to wipe and thought wiping for a couple of hours on a boss wasn’t fun, and they too had to depart. That’s okay. We want people who want to play the way we play.

I’m proud of the team we have. We sort of lead by committee, and have everyone participate in the raid leader role. If someone has a suggestion, and it makes sense, then we try it. We laugh, joke, and have fun.

KGC on FenrisWe’re also very much about realizing that people have real life obligations. We have business professionals who have to miss a week at a time, USPS drivers making Christmas deliveries, etc. That’s okay. As long as people let us know they can’t make it, we can work to replace them that night. We’re not afraid to PUG, and we just have the goal of doing content every time we raid.

We’re now gearing up for when Nighthold comes out. I’m excited! Even more content and things to see and do. I ended up going full-time tank now, and have been this way for almost a month. I’m 870 item level, and having a blast.

If you’re looking for a raiding guild that fits the description above, feel free to contact me in-game (Bewear-Fenris) or leave a note here. We are definitely recruiting and have room for more like-minded players.

  • Hi Keen,
    It’s nice to hear about other casual guild adventures – I’ll challenge your schedule with our 1 night a week, 3hrs of raiding! (7/7 H EN, 2/3 N ToV). Interesting to note your guild structure is also “committee” style – it’s certainly nice when a team clicks, and has shared goals, RL balance, dedication and – has fun! At least in our experience, it’s far less week-to-week hassle (if any) – just roll up and raid.
    What is the average raid size you field? Also how did your casual guild approach Karazhan – as in, did you work it into your raid schedule, or just let people do it on their own time? (just curious).
    It seems you’ve breezed past the 3 month line, and are looking towards NightHold already.

  • Sounds like your team is similar to ours. We’re very much about creating a raiding experience that is hassle free, reliable, and convenient. Sure, there will be weeks where we may do nothing but wipe. That’s raiding, though. As long as you can say you had fun, then all’s well.

    We usually field 10 of our own people, and pug up to where we want to be. 2/3/9 (Tank/Heal/DPS) is our sweet spot. Sometimes we had 12 or 13 of our own and we only pug a couple. Typically speaking the pugs are only DPS.

    For Karazhan, it’s more of a “do it in your own time” type deal. We had a dedicated group of 5 who did it for a while, but that sort of fell apart. I’d love for us to get a group of 5 going again.

  • Glad you guys are still enjoying it. Wish you guys were horde! I would be all over it. I need to stop being lazy and find a casual raid guild.

  • Agree with Trippin Ninja, wish you went horde! My alt hunter is 7/7 H EN and your times would fit my schedule perfectly.

  • Gnomes are actually a reason to NOT go Alliance. Pesky little buggers! 😉

    Glad to see your guys are progressing nicely. I haven’t been able to log for quite some on your server as I lack time to play alts in this very unfriendly-to-alts expansion. My guild has not even a full clear of Normal EN and I’m fine with it; it’s worthing we started to raid very late in this expansion. One night of raiding is all I can do reliably and it’s done in good spirits with a few friends.

    Did you guys extended raid IDs a few times ? That’s our big blocker right now, with only 3 hours of raiding, there’s only so much you can do, raid extension is our next step to get thru more content.