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I Am So Ready for Breath of the Wild

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Breath of the Wild

In the words of Reggie, my body is ready.

Nintendo showed off some new gameplay in an awkward/fake “Let’s Play” during the VGA.

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Despite the awkwardness, Breath of the Wild continues to look great.

Nintendo is continually pumping out amiibo to go along with Zelda, including a few new 30th anniversary ones that will include goodies in-game. The goodies aren’t enough to entice me to hunt for the amiibo or drop the cash on them, but I like Nintendo’s idea of implementing them. I’m torn between being a fan of the toy addons gimmick and being annoyed by them. But my love for them, and even further my love for the toys-to-life genre in general, keeps my internal strife going.

Zelda games have turned into a great gaming activity for me and Bri. We just finished up Twilight Princess HD for Wii U this month. It was awesome. As usual for us, I played and she was my co-pilot. When I would get stuck or have no clue where to go, she would have the walkthrough ready to guide us to the next adventure. Now we’re probably going to try and beat Windwaker before Breath of the Wild comes out.

We’re definitely getting Breath of the Wild of the Nintendo Switch. Fingers crossed it’s a launch title. Nintendo needs it to be.

  • Can anyone explain what makes this series interesting? Every time I see a video from it all I can see is poor graphics and lackluster combat, but it’s insanely popular so there must be something I’m missing.

  • All of the Zelda games for their time and hardware have had good to great graphics.

    Zelda games have never been about their combat. They are about the story and the experience. They are “action adventure” with puzzle solving games.

    In the case of Breath of the Wild, this bucks all of the trends and becomes an eve more open-world game than Wind Waker. The graphics look great, and the game looks even more “RPG” than action-adventure.

    I think you’re looking at them to be something they are not meant to be.