My Thoughts on Karazhan

Karazhan launched just over a week ago. Our 5 man group has now completed it twice, so I want to write up some of my thoughts and experiences on the dungeon.

Blizzard did something a little bit different this time.

Feels like a Raid

Karazhan is not a raid (anymore), but it feels like one. I have championed the idea for years that “raids” should be available to 5 people too. Small, epic content is really something I love (conceptually, at least until now).

Going through Karazhan for the first time took us almost 4 hours. We didn’t know the fights, we had two people slightly under-geared, and I think we were pretty tired at the time. Still, knowing the fights was a huge part.

The second time clearing Karazhan took only 2.5 hours — we could have done it in 2 if I didn’t wipe us by moving on the flame rings like an idiot.

Lots and Lots of Trash

Staying true to older raids, Karazhan is packed with trash. Most of the time is spent traveling between bosses. However, unlike modern dungeons, the trash is easier but the bosses are incredibly difficult.

Boss Fights are Pretty Good

I really like a few of the boss fights. I think the final boss is one of the better bosses we’ve gone against (mechanically). The RNG involved with some of these fights is a little tedious, but not bad if you can conceptually master what’s supposed to happen.

Speed Running Karazhan

Instead of having Mythic+, Karazhan has a speed run mechanic where you have to get to a certain point fast enough to unlock a secret boss: Nightbane. Getting Nightbane takes really good gear, a ton of speed/luck, and probably the right classes too. That’s perhaps my biggest gripe about dungeons in WoW: Certain classes are just way better at bursting through trash with AOE.

Return to Karazhan Overall Thoughts

I think Blizzard did a nice job restoring an older raid into content that players can enjoy as though it were a 5-man dungeon. I would have preferred wings in order to avoid being in the place for several hours at a time, and a lot less trash would be nice.

Overall a very nice dungeon with good loot and difficulty curve.

  • You said you liked the idea of epic 5-man content conceptually, at least until now.

    Do you mean now that it’s a reality or that you’re not a fan of the idea anymore?

  • I still haven’t done Kara yet :(. Haven’t had time sadly.

    Have you seen the 7.1.5 and 7.2 changes from blizzcon? Holy crap they have me excited for the future of the expansion.

  • Did you hear about the kara announcement?

    Karazhan will be broken into Upper and Lower sections!

  • @McJigg: I really hadn’t experienced the 5-man “raid” content I was looking for until Return to Karazhan. I think this is 85% of the way there.

    @Drathmar: It is (or was) a MASSIVE time drain. The new changes coming look amazing.

    @SineNomine: Yep, I saw them. That’s fantastic! Exactly what the place needs to be perfect.

  • @Keen: I know, It sucks as when i am usually on (me and my wife both work second so I’m on at like 3 in the morning after she goes to bed) no one else is on. I might have to watch the fights and try and pug it.