How to Unlock Flying in Legion, Part One

How to unlock flying in legion

After several weeks of Legion, you’re probably long past wishing you could fly over those Highmountain peaks and level 110 mob filled zones. I know I am.

We don’t have a definitive list of everything that will be required to unlock flying, but we can be fairly confident that “Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One” will be required.

Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One

This umbrella achievement comprises a similar set of objective to those found in the Pathfinder from WoD.

Broken Isles Explorer

This one is pretty simple: Explore all of the zones. You can either look at the map and see which areas are still covered by the ‘fog of war’ or you can follow this pretty simple waypoint guide using TomTom.

[su_spoiler title=”Legion Waypoints” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]/way Highmountain 43.0 33.5 Bloodhunt Highlands
/way Highmountain 47.9 68.9 Highmountain Summit (Path start)
/way Highmountain 56.9 90.0 Highmountain Summit
/way Highmountain 27.3 54.6 Nightwatcher’s Perch
/way Highmountain 38.9 67.8 Riverbend
/way Highmountain 43.7 8.7 Shipwreck Cove
/way Highmountain 58.7 64.7 Stonehoof Watch
/way Highmountain 46.2 61.4 Thunder Totem
/way Highmountain 29.3 33.4 Blind Marshlands
/way Highmountain 47.9 68.9 Ironhorn Enclave (Path start)
/way Highmountain 55.6 83.9 Ironhorn Enclave
/way Highmountain 43.1 51.7 Pinerock Basin
/way Highmountain 56.4 21.8 Rockaway Shallows
/way Highmountain 52.6 44.8 Skyhorn
/way Highmountain 35.6 63.6 Sylvan Falls
/way Highmountain 35.2 45.7 Trueshot Lodge

/way Stormheim 47.2 44.8 Aggramar’s Vault
/way Stormheim 55.6 73.6 Dreadwake’s Landing
/way Stormheim 72.0 60.0 Greywatch
/way Stormheim 73.4 39.7 Haustvald
/way Stormheim 38.8 20.4 Maw/Cove of Nashal
/way Stormheim 44.9 37.0 Nastrondir
/way Stormheim 71.5 50.1 The Runewood
/way Stormheim 65.7 62.6 Skold-Ashil
/way Stormheim 51.4 57.0 Talonrest
/way Stormheim 60.4, 51.1 Valdisdall
/way Stormheim 33.9 34.7 Blackbeak Overlook
/way Stormheim 75.2 54.8 Dreyrgrot
/way Stormheim 65.5 62.2 Gates of Valor
/way Stormheim 44.3 64,5 Hrydshal
/way Stormheim 80.1 59.2 Morheim
/way Stormheim 69.9 22.0 Watchman’s Rock
/way Stormheim 77.8 6.7 Shield’s Rest
/way Stormheim 59.1 31.2 Storm’s Reach
/way Stormheim 58.0 44.4 Tideskorn Harbor
/way Stormheim 34.5 51.3 Weeping Bluffs

/way Suramar 30.4 42.3 Ambervale
/way Suramar 19.5 45.2 Falanaar
/way Suramar 47.3 50.4 The Grand Pomenade
/way Suramar 38.1 22.9 Moon Guard Stronghold
/way Suramar 90.9 62.6 Ruins of Elun’eth
/way Suramar 42.2 35.5 Tel’anor
/way Suramar 64.0 42.0 Crimson Thicket
/way Suramar 34.3 74.8 Felsoul Hold
/way Suramar 71.5 51.1 Jandvik
/way Suramar 34.9 31.0 Moonwhisper Gulch
/way Suramar 46.1 59.8 Suramar City

/way Azsuna 48.0 13.6 Lost Orchard
/way Azsuna 52.7 16.8 Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar
/way Azsuna 46.8 73.1 Isle of the Watchers
/way Azsuna 41.4 39.0 Llothien Highlands
/way Azsuna 57.1 64.8 Temple of Lights
/way Azsuna 53.8 58.9 Oceanus Cove
/way Azsuna 39.6 50.2 Faronaar
/way Azsuna 65.6 49.0 Ruined Sanctum
/way Azsuna 60.6 34.9 The Greenway
/way Azsuna 55.7 41.4 Nar’thalas
/way Azsuna 65.8 27.9 Felblaze Ingress

/way Val’sharah 67.6 56.4 Andutalah
/way Val’sharah 42.4 58.6 Bradensbrook
/way Val’sharah 25.5 66.5 Gloaming Reef
/way Val’sharah 54.6 73.0 Lorlathil
/way Val’sharah 61.2 73.1 Moonclaw Vale
/way Val’sharah 47.3 85.1 Smolderhide Thicket
/way Val’sharah 47.9 69.6 Thas’talah
/way Val’sharah 38.8 51.8 Black Rook Hold
/way Val’sharah 44.2 30.4 The Dreamgrove
/way Val’sharah 51.9 64.0 Grove of Cenarius
/way Val’sharah 71.6 39.1 Mistvale
/way Val’sharah 61.1 31.1 Shala’nir
/way Val’sharah 54.1 55.4 Temple of Elune[/su_spoiler]

Navigating the zones can be difficult in that they are full of mobs your level (even at 110), and the terrain is often a pain. I recommend using Goblin Glider Kits from your WoD Garrison, which can be made quite simply at your Engineering hut. No engineering is required, and you can make these with a level 1 building.

Additional travel helpers: Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite (similar to Goblin Glider Kits but lasts 1min instead of 2), Flightmaster’s Whistle (obtained at 110 when unlocking WQ’s), and Emerald Winds.

Goblin Glider Kit in Legion

Loremaster of Legion

To unlock this achievement you need to complete all of the main story quests within each of the five Broken Isles zones.

  • Vrykul Story, Bro
  • Azsuna Matata
  • That’s Val’sharah Folks!
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
  • Good Suramaritan

The achievement is account wide, but progress on the sub achievements is per character. This means you’ll have to complete an entire zone on one character to get credit.

The four leveling zones can be done on your journey to 110, but Good Suramaritan can only be completed at 110 — and will require a SIGNIFICANT time investment to complete. Components of the meta quests are gated behind Nightfallen rep and the last step is not yet even in the game.

I recommend doing EVERY Suramar World Quest that appears every day (including the Withered Army Training), and finishing all of the quest lines. I’ll have another writeup on those soon.

Good Suramaritan

Variety is the Spice of Life

Easiest of all achievements here is the one to complete 100 world quests. I recommend combining this with your Suramar rep grind. Honestly, this will just happen without you even realizing it. Your grind to revered with each rep will get you this when you’re not even halfway there.


I highly, highly recommend the plugin: World Quest List. You’ll be guided to all of the WQs you want to do most, and you can filter them to see the rewards, rep, and zones you want.

Broken Isles Diplomat

Getting all of your six major Legion reps up to Revered will get you the Broken Isles Diplomat achievement.

You’ll make great progress by completing all of the quests in each zone, but The Wardens and Nightfallen can only be done at 110 (and will require a significant grind gated behind quests with limited availability).

I recommend using your Kirin Tor Emissary rewards on one of these two reputations as they are much more difficult to obtain.

If you have the stamina (I don’t) you can do every WQ in every zone. Should take you just under 3 weeks from a fresh character to get all of those reps to revered. Totally not my thing. What I do is pick one, and make sure that ONE zone is done every day. That way, I do my Emissary and the one zone (and Suramar, ugh) and I’m done with WQ’s for the day.

A Glorious Campaign

Completing one class’ Campaign will grant you this achievement. Not all of the campaigns are created equal, both in terms of quality and length. Again, this is something to focus on while leveling but also a priority at 110. You will unlock your third relic slot (a huge iLvL boost to your weapon) when you do.

After you unlock WQ’s, this should be your first to-do when reaching 110.


Broken Isle Pathfinder, Part One is likely only the beginning of unlocking flight in Legion. A few steps of this achievement are not yet in the game, and for all we know flying is 6+ months away. But this gives you something to work toward each day. If you’re like me, you enjoy having goals. Goals keep me playing and invested.

A great tool to track your progress can be found at WoWhead’s Flying Tool.

Let’s hope flying comes sooner than later!

  • The way of unlocking your flying mount baffles me. It contradict so many other aspects of the game design philosphy Blizzard constantaly hammers in PR. Mainly, it caters to one or two player types, all others are forced to play parts of the game they are not interested in or consume them in a less appealing way.

    I do understand the gating aspect, the story told by zones and quests is better experienced from the ground, but there gotta be other ways to unlock flying, ways to reach out to a more large variety of player types as I believe the game in general benefits from players being able to fly around. What a way involing running dungeons at max level and not world quests ? What about spending X amount of PvP currency ? Maybe even someting related to World PvP rather than World PvE quests.

    Anyway, on a much lighter note : rogues have it easy. Stealth allows us to bypass a lot of world content or world annoyances, Safe Fall is awesome for exploring and not falling to your death. It’s always a bit more tedious when I level any alt after my rogue. 😉

  • I don’t miss flying at all. Never bothered to unlock it in WoD (only spent maybe an hour in Tanann), and once everyone is flying in Legion they’ll just be bee lining from WQ to WQ. At which point, why is there even a world? People complain about mission based hub games such as Skyforge or Vindictus but that seems to be all they want.

  • Flight paths in Legion are really, really efficient. I use them to travel between zones so fast that I can’t alt tab, open my blog, and even read a single comment before I’m at the next flight path. There’s even a Flight Master’s whistle that instantly takes you to the nearest flight path.

    To me it’s less about moving from area to area, and more about convenience while doing a mission. If I see an ore node up on a hill, flying up to it would be nice.

    I’m also the type to enjoy flying around and seeing the sights.

    I don’t see flying as the factor at fault for there being a lack of ‘world’ in a themepark MMO.

  • It took me a fair amount of effort to unlock Draenor Flying but when I did all my alts were a piece of cake leveling.

    I may just get my Combat Rogue, Vengeance DH and MM Hunter to 110 for now and being grinding in prep for Legion flying and occasional raiding. I am more on solo play but like something like the flying pathway to give me something big to look for.

    To this day I still have people ask me where I got the Sky Terror mount.

  • All I have left is good suramaratin left for path finder pt 1. While yes it is a slog, it isn’t all that bad. I think the challenge for me is keeping myself motivated once I have completed my goals as I am quickly getting through them. I hope they make part 2 and part 3 much easier. Otherwise people that join late will feel at such a disadvantage.

    I look forward to leveling an alt with flying, but I don’t see that happening for a while. There is so much time gated content I don’t know how there are people playing 2-3 characters.

    I guess I am lucky playing a warrior though because most places I need to get to I can easily jump to them. It allows for so much more maneuverability throughout the zones.

  • The goblin glider from the garrison engineer workshop is fun just to take a leap off highmountain with, but I’d be ecstatic for an actual wingsuit with speed of descent. Flying I can wait for, as yea – the flight points are numerous. Amazing expansion.

  • @Coppertopper: The only downside is how long it takes you to get to the bottom. They last 2 minutes, so that’s not bad.

    @Wonderwyrm: As long as you get them done before another would have popped up, you’re fine. I do them all as they come.

  • Way behind the curve on this, but for Kirin Tor emissary quests, always take Warden tokens until you’re at least revered with them. They tend to be the slowest to get rep with due to a general shortage of world quests compared to other reps. Also worth noting is that the Nightfallen tokens are only good for half rep compared to the others.