Legion Raiding and Mythic+ Begin Tomorrow! Want to Join Us?

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Emerald Nightmare Legion Raid

Legion’s first raid (Emerald Nightmare) opens its doors tomorrow, along with Mythic+ dungeons!

The Keen and Graev Community guild (KGC) has been clearing Mythics in preparation for raids and Mythic+. Last night we did our first Arcway run (stupid Nightfallen rep took forever) and had no trouble clearing the place — actually surprisingly easy boss fights. We’re running through Court of Stars tonight.

We have plenty of space available for anyone wanting to join our raids. Hop on Discord and introduce yourself!

Our raid plans include clearing normal at first, then moving quickly into Heroic. We have plenty of space, and raids scale so we can bring 10, 11, 12, etc.

For dungeons, I’m fairly confident in our ability to climb the Mythic+ tiers. Here’s the gist of them from MMO-Champion:

  • Every dungeon has a fairly forgiving timer you must beat to keep your keystone active.
  • You still get loot if you don’t beat the timer, but your keystone becomes depleted.
  • As the keystone level increases, mobs in the dungeon do more damage and have more health.
  • The health and damage modifier is an almost linear increase, starting at 9% for Level 2 and increasing to 100% at Level 10.
  • Rewards come from a chest at the end of the run, ranging from item level 845 at Mythic 2 to 865 at Mythic 10.
  • This chest contains two pieces of loot for the group, which is a change from beta.
  • You also get a weekly chest with loot based on your best run for the week, scaling from item level 860 to item level 880 at Mythic 10.
  • Rewards have a chance to be Warforged or Titanforged, allowing them to potentially scale all the way up to item level 895.
  • The only lockout on Mythic is the availability of keystones, you can keep doing them as long as someone has an active keystone.

My own personal progress is coming along.

I’m iLvL 846, wearing 844 because my best stats are found on lower iLvL gear. I’m trying to get Revered with Court of Farondis because I want that Jewel Boon for my shoulders. Shoulder enchants in Legion give a chance for specific materials to drop in a gift bag of sorts. Pretty low drop rate, but handy.

My Jewelcrafting is around 730’ish. I’m pretty sure I have the gems to hit 750, but I want to maximize my income at this point while the expansion is still young — meaning if it makes more sense to sell raw mats I’ll do that over using them to craft.

Busy week ahead for content! I’ll do one last plug in this post for a few more people to join us and raid. We’re open to all classes, casual, and simply looking to get gear and experience the content. 🙂