WoW Content, Loot, & Guild Progression

KGC on FenrisI’m progressing nicely into the Legion content with members of KGC (our “Keen and Graev Community” WoW guild). We’ve completed all regular, heroic, and almost all of the Mythic dungeons. We’re currently working on finishing up our Suramar reputation to unlock the last two.

Dungeons in Legion are pretty good. I definitely like them more than WoD, MoP, Cataclysm, and BC. WotLK is a good contender, and I feel like the dungeons are of the same calibre.

I like how most of them feel like an adventure with a goal tied to a story rather than just mindless trash or completing a boss for no reason. A big part of that adventure is due in no small part to most of those dungeons being tied to the zone quest chains.

We’re preparing to do Mythic+ dungeons in the coming weeks which should be pretty dang fun. They’re just like Diablo 3’s Greater Rifts.

Our Guild

Raids are also on our agenda. We want to recruit a few more people to fill in spots. If you’re wanting to raid with us, I’m pretty sure you can do so from any server. We’d love to have you on Fenris in the guild, though.

Our play times are usually evenings, from 6pm PST until most people just want to go to bed. We’re all older, and have no absolute set schedule (yet). Families/Jobs/Self/Individuals first as far as we’re concerned.

The Gearing Up Process

Getting loot in Legion is sooooo much better than it has ever been. Let me qualify that statement with a few reasons I gripe and a few reasons I celebrate the pinata that is Legion.

Loot is individual. This means that you’re not rolling on items or fighting over the same item. The dungeon assigns out the gear to those who participate.

Loot is random. Here’s where I find myself complaining sometimes. RNG (or RNGesus as we so fondly say) can be cruel. I went so long without getting any items at all while everyone else around me was scoring fat loot rolls. I have finally started getting some gear now, and it feels good.

Loot can ‘proc’ higher quality. The same item — let’s just say Sword +1 — can proc as a “Sword +2” or a +3, etc. There are like 3 or 4 degrees of quality. Again, I like this but if you haven’t prayed to RNGesus you might be stuck getting loot that isn’t an upgrade.

Loot can have a variety of stats. So not only is it random that you get loot, and random what quality it is… it’s also random (to a degree) what stats are on there. If you’re like me and want Mastery and Haste, but you get Versatility and Crit… yeah. Grumble.

The Artifact Power Grind

I like having my one weapon. I’m not sure yet how I feel about having to grind the resources to upgrade it continually. So far, so good. I have my weapon’s iLvL significantly higher than anything else I’m using. What I have to figure out is how many of these daily quests I should bother in order not to fall behind the iLvL curse.


I’m moving forward at a decent pace. The RNG of it all is a roller coaster, and RNG being woven into this odd daily grind has its ups and downs. Overall, tons of fun. KGC is looking for more people to make sure we have 10+ on every night to do some content. The goal is to always be available to do things. If interested, let me know!

  • Heya Keen,

    Been reading your blog for what seems like years now, would love to tag along any time you need an extra Holy Priest healer.

    I’m at ilvl 834 right now, but haven’t ventured into Mythics (going to soon since heroics are super easy mode for me right now). I’m East Coast on the Nesingwary server (not the same battleground so I wouldn’t be able to join the guild), so 6PM PST would be getting kind of late for me (I usually go to bed around 9pm PST), but hit me up anyway, since when you guys start at 6 I would definitely be ready to go 🙂 id: tephlahn#1925
    Char name: Airli


  • The randomness of the loot is sort of a fallacy. WQ loot is random, that is true. Dungeon loot is not random at all though, the only reason it feels random is because there are so very many different options for us to use. While before personal loot, 75% of the drops would be wasted due to wrong armor type, wrong weapon type, being healer leather instead of agi leather etc etc, now everything that drops will be useful, which opens a way larger amount of variable loot. I remember in mop only 1 dungeon having usable leather agi bracers, now usable loot is all over.

    PS: don’t forget you can trade items in personal loot, as long as the one getting it has a higher ilvl equipped, and primary stats will change to suit the spec of the holder. This makes full leather/plate/cloth/mail groups incredibly strong for gear, as every boss will drop 1 or 2 items that are usable by all, and can be passed around after a bit to optimize secondaries

  • @Phil: Awesome! Always nice to have a Holy Priest. We are typically done by 8:30pm PST. I’m also asleep by 9pm PST and most of the team is winding down by then. I will give you a shout here soon in-game, but also feel free to join our Discord chat channel (voice and/or just text chat) to introduce yourself and just get acquainted with us.

    834 iLvL is way more than enough to do Mythics. I feel like Mythics are maybe 20% harder than Heroics (some even less than that). As soon as I started doing Mythics, the gear came rushing in.

    @Caldazar: Yep we trade items within our group constantly, and there’s a mod that one of the guys has that basically puts in chat who the item is an upgrade for, etc. It’s neat.