In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun…

I’ve slacked hard on keeping the blog updated since WoW’s launch. The reason for that is what I want to write about today. Legion has created a rats nest of ‘stuff to do.’ Every time I log in, I’m overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ that needs to be maintained.

Holy smokes, something to do in a MMO? #FirstWorldProblems much, Keen?

Yes, and no.

I like having stuff to do. As I have already written, I dislike the idea of being compelled or forced to do certain things in order to ‘keep up’ with what’s new and fresh, but that’s not necessarily all that this sense of busyness entails.

There are quests for everything!

Engineering? Yep I had to do a pretty involved quest line for that.

Hunter Class Order Hall? Better believe there was a long chain for that one.

Mining? A couple of quests, but objectives based around mining.

Getting order hall resources? Yep, lots of quests/dailies.

Artifact power? Yep, quests/dailies.

Unlocking more Mythic dungeons? Oh yeah, definitely daily quests.

My play time is essentially inundated with questing and actively doing things. Am I complaining? Yeah… sorta?… kinda? More of a justification for not posting a lot, I guess.

Perhaps my only true BIGGEST complaint is that I can’t make alts. I really like being able to bounce back and forth between classes. Right now I really want to make a Druid and a Paladin, but if I stop playing my Hunter for even one day I will fall behind incredibly. It’s almost like I have a set of chores that must be completed on my Hunter before I can go out and do something else.

Yet even as chores, most of the activities are fun. So that’s two #FirstWorldProblems in one post. I think that’s a record.

  • I decided for myself that “falling behind” doesn’t matter to me. I just have to accept that my “main” will progress slowly and that I can play him whenever I feel like it. However, if I know that I want to level some Alts…it may be more efficient to get the Alts to 110 first so that I can get started on Arcane Research…

  • I agree, made peace with myself that I’ve not got the time to ‘keep up’ any more so I’m not even trying. Enjoying playing with my 8yo son and his hunter main and ret pally alt, so i have the justification to switch between my tankadin and resto druid alt aswell 🙂

  • Once I can access all of the content then I can justify taking things at my own pace and enjoying alts. I have to unlock Court of Stars and whatever that other one is before I can stop worrying about my Suramar chores.

  • I feel you on the alt thing. I’ve tried playing alts a couple times but then I feel like I should be investing that time in my main and hop back over.

  • There is actually a really good spreadsheet out and guides that explain how to get away from this attitude and put out daily stuff for people who are planning on even hardcore raiding to do. Which is NOT to do all the world quests (AKA dailies) but prioritize them in the following order:

    1) Gear upgrades / Relics
    2) Artifact Power
    3) Daily Chest
    4) Suramar World Quests
    5) Profession ones that provide mats or recipes

    And then to ignore the others unless you absolutely need the Gold/Resources. Reputation isn’t super important outiside the Nightfallen (Suramar) as you don’t get a lot per quest, and if you do do them for rep only do Nightfallen and Wardens. Doing that I am usually done with dailies within an hour each day, unless I skip a day and then it takes 2 hours.

    Other than that the only daily thing you need to do is 1 heroic. As for the 2 mythic dungeons, we have some hardcore people in our guild and no one has even unlocked it yet because it does take time and its not meant to be rushed. Order hall resources you don’t need to rush because the research is the only thing that takes a lot of points that is worth it but it takes a long time. It’s 42 days straight before you can fully complete it no matter what. The class set is not worth upgrading generally unless you go full 8 piece or unless the secondaries are the best for your class, Shaman isn’t so I don’t have to worry about that.

  • Seeing there’s that many things to do at max level, good thing I don’t mind at all falling behind ! I don’t see the need to rush anything as I haven’t put a deadline on when I need to be done with my objectives. Taking 3 months to complete them is fine to me. No one is waiting for me to rush any raiding or arena pvp. I guess it comes with the expectaction of running a couple of LFR down the road and not really anything more advanced.

  • Falling behind compared to what? Are you planning to do any group content that needs you to push weapon AK? I am in a reasonably decent guild (we clear mythic prenerfs and are around top 1k) and we don’t even require people to get all AP.

    Anyhow, the only things you need to do to keep up everything on artefact power is 1 daily hc and the AP dailies, That said, once you are around 18-19 points or more in the artefact, you can quit doing things for a few days – a week before you fall 1 trait behind. Hardly crucial.

    The only things I’d keep up is nightfallen rep till dungeons unlocked and the emissary quests. AP quests and daily heroic only when you feel like it.

  • My highest is 104. I’ve been taking my time and only leveling when rested and rotating through my alts. Who knows how long it will be before the next expansion so no rushing for me.