WoW Legion Companion App

Remember when I said there should be an app to allow us to manage our Garrisons and described all the features? We never got that app, but thankfully Blizzard go the memo for Legion.

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  • Manage order hall upgrades and research
  • Look through champions and manage their equipment
  • Train new troops
  • Manage (Start and complete) missions right from the app
  • Actively monitor world quests


This is 100% perfect for me.

I’m that guy who works 10 hours a day and keeps a schedule that’s really inconvenient for micromanaging my missions. In just the short week Legion’s been out, I’ve managed to fall several days behind in my missions because I can’t be at the computer every 8 hours like clockwork.

Now I can be at work and send my guys on missions, start that next research, and keep the flow of troops coming.

This is a huge quality of life improvement, and I’m excited to give it a go when it launches today.

  • I just tried it out and it seems awesome…it also makes you realize that compared to garrisons, there isn’t (thankfully) that much upkeep to do in class halls.

  • Falling behind? Hey, I’ve been away for the last 5 days and I won’t be back home for another 2 days. I’m missing the initial Legion rush and thr start of Overwatch new season! This kind of things can happen when you need to confirm your Summer Vacation in April… It’s a Notherner thing, Californian can’t understand 😉

    I can’t complain though, I’m having a real good time in this trip. And the Legion app is indeed even though extremely limited at 103.