My Adventures in the Broken Isles Thus Far

I just realized I haven’t posted anything yet about Legion! I’ve been completely absorbed in the fun.

My opinion so far: Great leveling experience, with a pretty good story.

I want to come right out and say, “Best expansion since WotLK,” (which I feel right now) but I want to give this more than two days. I want to see if the initial “wow factor” wears off and leaves any sort of aftertaste.

I’ve only experienced a couple of dungeons (they were amazing) and two of the major new zones, so my experience is limited.

This post will act as a catch-up post to where I’m at. From there, I want to chronicle more of the experiences I’m having on a zone-by-zone or dungeon-by-dungeon basis.

Let’s begin with the class quest!

As you hopefully know by know, I flip flopped up until the very last minute on my class spec. I went BM Hunter because I simply had more fun playing this spec than Survival.

That means my artifact weapon is….

WoW BM Hunter Titanstrike Artifact Weapon

I wield the power of Titanstrike!

I was disappointed by how it looks. Sorta bland. A gun. yay…

And I was a little underwhelmed by the quest to obtain it. I felt like it was a little too contrived. Maybe I don’t know the lore well enough or something. The quest was like, “There’s a gun, it’s cool, and it’s in a tomb. Go get it!”

I was a little surprised to see that Mimiron was involved, and Blizzard tried to weave in WotLK’s Ulduar into the story and the lightning god guy stuff… yeah it was contrived. But that’s fine, I got a second pet out of it! Hati is awesome. He absorbed the power of Titanstrike, and in the process had his soul bound to mine. So now whenever i use the weapon I have a second pet.

Hunter Class Order Hall

Hunter Class Order HallMy class order hall, or the Hunter Lodge, is pretty nice. It has a very… lodgey feel to it. This is essentially where I upgrade my artifact weapon, send my followers on missions, and obtain a lot of my “connection to the world” experience.

It’s pretty good, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t really seen why this is any better than garrisons.

As a hunter, I do get all of the flight paths on the map unlocked. That was a really neat bonus!

Leveling in The Broken Isles (so far)

The world scales to your level now, so whatever zones you choose (in any order) will adapt to your character. I decided to go with Highmountain first because it has the mining quests, then I went with Azsuna for the Engineering.

Leveling in general is fairly painless. I’m finding that levels come without me having to even focus on getting experience. That could be from the distraction of everything being new, or it could really be from feeling immersed in the questing experience.

Questing in general sucks. I don’t like questing — never have, probably never will. I do like stories, though, and the zones are doing a nice job of having that story narrative flow from beginning to end.

Each zone seems to culminate in a dungeon adventure that ties in well with the story of that zone.

Thunder Totem


Home to the descendants of Huln Highmountain, this zone is home to the Tauren of the Broken Isles. The Highmountain Tauren tribes must be united to fight against the forces invading their lands. The Drogbar, under the rule of Dargrul the Underking, have stolen a sacred relic of the Tauren and they need to get it back and stop the Drogbar from destroying their lands.

The zone is very pretty, and the music is excellent. I really like the story here, and had a “WOAH COOL!” moment when the story took a couple of twists.

The Tauren here are WAY cooler than those in Kalimdor.

The Drogbar are my new favorite mobs, too. I really like how they look, and their story is fun.



Azsuna is home to many different groups. There’s the Blue Dragonflight hanging out here, the ghosts of some ancient Night Elves, the mana crackheads Nightfallen, and the Naga.

I really enjoyed the Nightfallen and Blue Dragons, but was bored by most of the Night Elf ghosts and some of the Naga stuff. My eyes sorta glazed over as I ran the ghost quests. Navigating ruins, clicking on things, bleh.

Runas, the mana crackhead Nightfallen, was a definite highlight. I really enjoyed his narrative.

Azshara, queen of Kalimdor, ruler of the Naga, and a dozen other titles, is after one of the Pillars of Creation. It all makes for a pretty decent story, but the land carries with it a very cursed and truncated feel. I think that’s the purpose, though, given the fact that… it IS cursed and truncated with different factions.


I’m very pleased with Legion up to this point. I feel like the zones are a much better questing experience than the previous three expansions. I’ll do individual separate writeups for each of the dungeons as well as the remaining 3 or so zones.

If you’re looking for a guild, ours on Fenris is growing nicely! Most of our team transferred over from Emerald Dream due to PvP being obnoxious. We’d love to have you.

  • I’m enjoying the ride so far. I’m not super far, I’ve just hit 101 on my main (Rogue) last night, enough to unlock the mission board in the Class Hall. Launch was bit rough Tuesday night, the server (Area 52) basically became unplayable when the influx of West Coast players became too much around 9:15PM EDT (6:15PM PDT), but we have all seen worst.

    I’ve been leveling in Stormheim, the story is okay, but hopefully the pattern won’t be the same in all zones. It’s basically go see this guy with long lost knowledge, do something for him and he will give you artifact power. I don’t really care about becoming champion of the Vyrkul in the process. Nice bonus not really planned : this is a good zone for a leatherworker, basic quests for the leather pieces can be done.

    Quest for the Dreadblades artifact was nice as it focused on using all your Outlaw tools, not just rush to kill stuff. I’m still reserving judgement on the class hall, so far, it feels like a less grindy garrison, but that’s all. It’s nice to see other people though and not be isolated in my garrison.

  • I am playing a Demo Warlock for this expansion…i just wanted to have an artifact that talks to me…(and wasn’t excited about an arcane mage and my shadow priest was a previous level boosted character that I dont have any “attachment” for) my first stop was High Mountain as well and I really enjoyed this zone. I am a sucker for snowy mountain zones and this just hit the spot. What bugged me in Draenor was that they tried to stuff too many different things into some of the zones and the zones didn’t have or lost their identity…I made it to 104 by just doing High Mountain…

    Now I have to make an annoying choice…do I continue with my Warlock and thoroughly do every other zone…or do I switch to a different character and experience a new zones with some of them as well…if I keep playing my Warlock…I could get flying unlocked…if I play someone else, I feel like I can enjoy things more because I am obviously not rushing to 110…

  • I have been leveling as an Enhancement shaman and have found the expansion great (currently 105). I have found there is so much to do between the quests for each area (at 106 I have only done Stormheim and Azsuna), your class quests, your quests to get your 2nd and 3rd artifact, etc.

    Probably about half of my total quests have had to do with getting my 2nd and 3rd (Elemental and Resto) artifacts, or doing various shaman quests from the class hall, such as recovering the damaged thunderfury with the soul of Thunderaan, heir to the throne of Al’Akir the Windlord, to restore him to gain the allegiance of the elemental of Air, also getting to summon Neptulon earlier than that to gain the allegiance of the water elemental was cool.

    The there is the quests from Khadgar and finding out more about the light, having to save the Exodar from a legion invasion, seeing Velen fall to despair… it’s been amazing so far for someone who enjoys story like that. Despite the fact that other people make it harder to become immersed into, I really like the fact that they seem to have gone with making it more like a single player RPG experience this expansion ignoring other players of your class.

    I really enjoyed Stormheim (very norse feeling like most Vyrkul places), but not so much Aszuna. At least the second half with the ghosts and such leading up to the dungeon quest was kinda meh for me as well.

    As for the dungeons, I have done Halls of Valor (stormehim) and Eye of Aszuna and found both really fun. I am looking forward to doing the rest of them.

    I am hoping it doesn’t wear off, and it stays like this, as right now I agree it is the best expansion since WotLK. But then again, they finally went back to their roots lore wise (without shitty time travel crap like WoD). WotLK for me was great because it was basically the continuation of Warcraft III the Frozen Throne, and this feels like the same vein, and actually connected to the old strategy games with the lore, which is part of what I felt was missing from Cata, MoP, and WoD,

  • I hate the zone scaling. It makes the leveling experience even worse IMO. I feel like my character isn’t getting any more powerful with each level (105). Sure, I see bigger numbers, but it doesn’t matter because the mobs are stronger, too.

    Not really feeling the story, or lack there of either. I’ve done some of Stormheim because I wanna know the alliance v horde story more, and Azsuna… which I found boring. Hopefully, the leveling experience is mainly about building your weapon strength, because I seriously find it lacking atm.

    That’s not to say I’m not having fun, I am. I just feel like I could be having MORE fun, if they didn’t scale the zones.

  • Only thing I dont like about the level scaling is why no pvp scaling?

    With level scaling its easy to come across high level opponents. Lower level players need a buff to compete with higher level players. Such as a buff making the lower level players equal to higher level players. The buff need be only about the lvl 110 questing gear. This way higher geared people still have an advantage but not as significant as it is currently.

    Huge oversight IMO and one that has been done in other games. Easy fix, too. Hopefully this will be added in the future.

  • The more I play this expansion, the more I love it, but part of me feels that’s the lore nerd that grew up with the Warcraft games and these characters. And the fact I love the stories that can convey a sense of loss and for me this expansion does it so well. So many lost to the invasion of the burning crusade.

  • I took a couple of days off and leveled my Paladin as Protection to 110. I loved gathering up a pack of mobs and taking them all down. I had done most of the leveling in beta, but I made sure I stilled payed attention to quests and lore and stuff. I enjoyed it a lot. I love the tie in to older content zones. The world is being invaded, so you have to go to different places in the world. Recycling old content without feeling cheaty. It was done pretty well.

    I didn’t mind the level scaling so much. No more going back to the leveling zones to one shot stuff. On the other hand, once I reach 110 as I get better gear and more artifact power, I imagine I’ll feel that power shift. Much like it happened when you geared up in Tanaan or Timeless Isle. As you gained better gear, the tough mobs that you saw at max level will become easier. Except now the whole expansion is Tanaan Jungle. Including the old quests you skipped the first time.